What I Wore | Asymmetrical Hem Paillette Dress

#FlashbackFriday when my hair is brown and Im sporting a bangs.
Today I am sharing some throwback outfit I was not able to blog...
I wore this during my son's graduation ceremony.
Remembering what happen on that day makes me laugh at myself... On how I was still able to take outfit shots.  Which by the way was taken by my son (Excuse the proud mom spazzing. :D).
I was actually not feeling well on this day, so un-timely for my stomach spasms to attack. I really thought I wont be able to make it because when times like this that my stomach spasm happens I need to stay at home and rest. Not to mention on that day its the worst coz I had several trips to the bathroom. 
However, watching the excited face of my son turned into a worried face, then into a sad face after discovering I am not feeling well, gives me strength to feel better as soon as possible. 
Thank God for an answered prayer, felt a bit better. And we were able to attend the ceremony. After that we went home, rested for awhile and has manage to grabbed a dinner celebration at a restaurant nearby.
Being a single mom may not be easy.... You need to be strong and a fighter all the time. You need to be a positive thinker all the time, to attract positive things and miracles specially on days like this that your child's happiness is at stake. However, its all worth it and rewarding when you see your child grow up to be happy, kind, caring and educated. 
So much for a sentimental way of ending the week...
Enjoy the weekend!

Dress: Romwe.com
Boots: SammyDress.com