Zee & Aya's Wedding

One of my friend just bid goodbye to single blessedness...
Besides the wedding, a lot things happened on that day. So let me walk you through this pictures... ;)
First stop is Dee's house... We agreed to meet-up there. Had our make-up and hair done. 
We then pick-up Jara after.

Special mention to my hairstylist... Dee! Love you!
We arrived early at the church and was hungry. So we grabbed breakfast at the nearest fastfood.

When we came back, the ceremony is half way done. We didnt get to see Zee march down the aisle. Lame friends... Sorry Zee! 
At the reception... Country Village Hotel.

Congrats to Aya and Zee! Best luck to your new journey together... 
One of our dearest friend was able to catch up at the reception.
Let me introduce my girls: Jara, Dee, Me, Risa
Gala-gala with the groom...
Bouquet tossing or should I say passing of bouquet... Because we are supportive friends... Actually, only Jara and I are not in a relationship status. The connection? Nothing actually just sayin'. :D
None of us was picked to own the bouquet but the guy wants to picked Jara.

After or should I say almost the end of the wedding program, we took the chance to take photos at the garden of the hotel.
Us girls! Talking about different personalities but I say we click because of that.

The maid of the wanna-be-bridesmaid... Peace Jar! hahaha ;)

The day didn't end at the wedding. Next stop, we checked out the newest dessert shop in the city... Nummies Sweet Shop.

Last stop... Lifestle District! Sung our hearts out at Microphone Hero.
The room assigned to us was the Spice Girls room!