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Zee & Aya's Wedding

One of my friend just bid goodbye to single blessedness...
Besides the wedding, a lot things happened on that day. So let me walk you through this pictures... ;)
First stop is Dee's house... We agreed to meet-up there. Had our make-up and hair done. 
We then pick-up Jara after.

Special mention to my hairstylist... Dee! Love you!
We arrived early at the church and was hungry. So we grabbed breakfast at the nearest fastfood.

When we came back, the ceremony is half way done. We didnt get to see Zee march down the aisle. Lame friends... Sorry Zee! 
At the reception... Country Village Hotel.

Congrats to Aya and Zee! Best luck to your new journey together... 
One of our dearest friend was able to catch up at the reception.
Let me introduce my girls: Jara, Dee, Me, Risa
Gala-gala with the groom...
Bouquet tossing or should I say passing of bouquet... Because we are supportive friends... Actually, only Jara and I are not in a relationship status. The connection? Nothing actually just sayin'. :D
None of us was picked to own the bouquet but the guy wants to picked Jara.

After or should I say almost the end of the wedding program, we took the chance to take photos at the garden of the hotel.
Us girls! Talking about different personalities but I say we click because of that.

The maid of the wanna-be-bridesmaid... Peace Jar! hahaha ;)

The day didn't end at the wedding. Next stop, we checked out the newest dessert shop in the city... Nummies Sweet Shop.

Last stop... Lifestle District! Sung our hearts out at Microphone Hero.
The room assigned to us was the Spice Girls room! 

Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collection

I have shared to you last time my love at first sight on Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Couture Collection. This time I will be sharing to you Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collection at Paris Fashion Week. I have yet fallin' inlove with his designs. <3 I just wish I can one day wear any of his couture collection it would be an honor to do so.

Here are my top picks on this Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collection:

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Spring 2013

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Spring 20131

Kasalang Filipino 2013

I happened drop by at Centrio Mall to meet a friend and just when I'm about to go home I thought of taking pictures at the on going event at the Centrio Event Center. Its actually the last day of a 3-day event of Kasalang Filipino 2013. I have consistently attended Kasalan sa Kagay-an the past years and this year they now change its event name to Kasalang Filipino. I remember the first Kasalan sa Kagay-an I have attended I blogged about my Dream Wedding right after when I got home. Yes ganun ang effect!  Hopefully next year though when I will attend the next Kasalang Filipino I will be booking vendors for my own wedding already. Tehee... ^_^

Anyways, I took some photos on what's inside so I'll walk you through...

I started on the right side and this is what you see beautiful gowns from the Wedding Zone Events Coordinator

Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon Secret Wedding

June 9, 2013 - Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon had there private wedding ceremony. I just cant help but blog about this because while watching the video it got me teary-eyed.

Maricar and Richard : Secret Wedding from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

  • Maricar's wedding gown is stunningly elegant. The design is so perfect on her simple personality.

  • I also like the wedding venue, very enchanting and dreamy. Very intimate!

  • I will not forget the black theme wedding cake. That is so nice.

  • Kudos to Mayad Studios for the great video. For capturing the best part of the wedding specially that messages from the friends and the priest.I simply love their wedding vows.

Ako kaya when ikakasal? Will I ever meet my chinito-hearted husband? lol Kahit hindi chinito basta ba someone who will love me, understand me, cares for me  and accepts all the good and bad in me more than anything. Can't wait for that day I will also walk down the aisle with my groom waiting for me at the altar. Sigh! Pero tama na day dreaming coz its still a long way to go for me. I dont have a boyfriend so I need to find myself one first before daydreaming of my dream wedding. ^_^

My Faves At Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Couture Collection

I was browsing on Pinterest and stumble on this attractive red gowns. My bet is the 2 gowns at the back specially the one on the left... so sexy!

As I click on further on the links of this image I discovered that this beautiful red alert gowns are from Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011-2012 couture collection. It was stated that the collection was inspired by the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian.
“Wu Zetian, the unique Emperatrice to ever rule over China was renowned for her remarkable beauty whilst ruling with an iron fist. Powerful and eccentric, she kept a male harem and excelled in the arts. It is once again, a woman of character that sets the tone for Zuhair Murad’s collection.” 
Here are some of the collection that I would love to wear if I had a chance...

I love this short to long red gown... The style is inspired from Japanese kimono dress, obi belt and boro textiles with modern influences.

Regal purple strapless evening dress with pleated neckline. I don't like its purple color though but I think it will still rock in something blue perhaps royal blue. And perhaps in white perfect for wedding gown.

This short dresses in the style of long sleeved qipaos is so hot and fierce.

Gowns can be purchase at this website.

SourceWedding Inspirasi

Kasalan Sa Kagayan 2012

I love weddings! And I do hope mine will come soon. ^_^
This coming September 13-15, 2012 the Kasalang Filipino will yet again have its local wedding and tourism industry display at the Limketkai Mall Rotunda. What you will see at the Kasalan sa Kagayan 2012 are wedding fashion shows, bridal make-up competition, bridal make-up demo and the creative wedding displays from local wedding suppliers, wedding photographers and videographers.
Its actually the perfect time go hopping for wedding services since most of them will give you discount if you book for the services till the end of Kasalan sa Kagayan bridal fair.
Last Kasalan sa Kagay-an 2010 I was there and I cant imagine my reaction while hopping from one booth to another. After the last booth I visited, I said to myself my dream wedding will really leave my soon-to-be-husband's pockets butas! lol Anyways, I will still be going and do another booth hopping for wedding services. Who knows I might meet my future husband there also. lol
And oh! If your looking for a photo and video services for your wedding dont miss to drop by at One Happy Story booth they have freebies and merchandise to be given away for engaged couples. And they will also be giving promo rates for couples who'll book till end of bridal fair.