What I Wore| White Dress & Mid-Calf Boots

Blogged earlier on Zee and Aya's wedding... Here's what I wore on that day.
The themed of the wedding was bohemian. And the motiff is green and champagne. 

The bride requested for a non-white dress for guest on the last minute. However, Dee and I just arrived from our Bohol escape and we dont have much time to shop for something green bohemian outfit. You know girls... need atleast weeks, or worst, months to prepare for something to wear on special occasions. ^_^
So we both ended wearing white dresses. I  settled for my white dress with lace and crochet details. Not bad since its so boho! This is what I originally plan to wear until the bride's request... that is. I was able to spot this green vest so I added it up to atleast have something green on my outfit. I actually taught of it as clever thing... but still the bride was still upset on me and Dee's as well as Risa's major white outfits weeks after the wedding. (facepalm) hahaha Sorry again Zee!

I owned this dress in awhile and I had only worn it once. I bought it at a thrifted shop. Talking about being a hunter. ;)
The mid-calf boots is my latest addition to my boots babies. It arrive last month, ordered it online.

Headdress - Local Shop: Aizilym
Butterfly Bracelet - Local Shop: Aizilym
Beads-Heart Bracelet - Knick-Knacks
Green Vest - Thrifted Shop
White Dress - Thrifted Shop
Boots - SammyDress.com