Camille Co for Olay Conversations #OlayProudofmyAge

I saw this video of Boy Abunda interviewing fashion blogger Camille Co for Olay Conversations. Just taught of sharing this because I like thought of the interview in connection to blogging ofcourse. I do like and strongly agree with Camille when she said "that there's no wrong way of blogging. It's supposed to be really personal for you." If your blogging for the purpose of sharing what's your passionate about and sharing your personal experiences then its possible there are no rules in it. It can be sharing personal fashion, hobbies, sports, food, travels and more. And as Camille said "Its your blog, its your page, your own voice."

Watch the video interview to find out more...

Camille Co is an upcoming fashion designer, one of the country's top personal style bloggers and a sought after brand endorser. It would seem that it's all glitz and glamour for her but in Olay Conversations Camille shares a side of her life that is rarely seen; the hectic days, facing detractors and even handling competition. We will see a woman taking the best that life has to offer and making the best out of life.