#OOTD: Something New!

Make Your Havaianas (7)

So here's what my outfit when attended Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 event a few days ago. 

I opted for something comfortable and at the same time something colorful that matches the colorful hot air balloon displayed at the Centrio Gaden. You can see it there behind me. :D
Kidding aside. I actually picked something youthful and vibrant colors to wear because when I think of Havaianas thats one thing I remember -- youthful, vibrant and carefree.
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Now what's new? Will I decided to cut my hair mid-length, straight and then bring back my bangs which I remember I used to have when I was young. What do you think?
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I got my top from Beauty & Wellness Bucket the owner is a blogger friend of mine. You can also check out her Facebook page, she sells a lot of stuff specially organic and health stuff.
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Another something new in this outfit is my sneaker wedge. After a long time of drooling over on Facebook and Lookbook I finally gave in and grab one sneaker wedge for me. Will talk more details about this shoes on my next post.
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Okay so im trying so hard on the pose. hahaha I was trying to immitate a fashion blogger lang kasi dito. Nadala sa tukso sa mga blogger fans este friends in the background. 
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The necklace I had on in here is one of the items I won from Spruce contest. It matches my outfit so I wear it instantly. Come to think of it it's something new also. ^_^
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