Productive Monday!

San Anotnio de Padua Parish Fund Raising
First of, I want to invite everyone to watch the Music, Fashion & Tradition. A fund raising event of Santo Antonio de Padua Parish. The event will happen this coming August 2, 2013, Friday at 7:00PM at the Barangay Nazareth Gym. The ticket is sold at P100.00 that will help in the church renovation.

Today has been a productive Monday so far. And even though I didn't have much of a fun weekend because I was working the whole weekend. I am glad that didn't gave any effect on another busy Monday. I call this productive also because I was able to accomplish things Im not used in doing so. And that is being online all the time. I was able to finish my first accomplishment without any distraction. Yeeba! Im learning on getting focus on one task at hand slowly...  No more multi-tasking. ^_^

So first accomplishment for today was organized and arranged my clothes at the new plastic closet I just bought. The awesome thing is that while doing some organizing I have discovered some dresses I own that I have forgotten to wear already. Yay! Got to wear this for more #OOTD post. ^_^ Was able to finish without online distraction because I didnt turn on my PC.

2013-07-29 17.27.16

2013-07-29 17.28.11

Next one task.. time to start my work online. Was able to resist spend most of my time checking Facebook. Was able to check work task one at a time! This one's a learning progress... ^_^ I still am distracted with other task. And next... was able to write notes on my drawing book while on the call with the boss! This one's a very big progress since last week. In fact i'm about to flip on the second page coz I have consume the whole page. Wooohoo! You see Im so lazy in taking notes and tend to forget what's needed to be done. That is the reason why I bought this big drawing book, to remind me always to doodle and write things down. And to inspire me to write I paired it with a cute ballpen which entices me to always hold and use it. lol

2013-07-29 20.05.42

Lastly, blogging! I was able to write 3 blog post today. Yay! hopefully I could keep this one up so I can bring back my blogging spirit slowly. I love how I just share anything and everything before in my blog.

Today, I started defeating one factor which I think is the reason why I don't blog or share more often. And that is sharing pics on my Instagram and Facebook. So instead of sharing the pictures in my social sharing accounts I resisted it and post the pictures here in my blog and talk about it. Oh yeah! My bad... I did started it yesterday where I talk about me trying out the Lemon and Honey Face Mask. I actually blog about it via my Cherry Mobile Fushion Bolt Tablet and I find this gadget even more handy in my "blogging spirit" searching quest. hehe I shall make a blog post about this gadget soon but for now I'm gonna have to have to hit the sack because the sun is already shining.

Good Mornight Goddessess!

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