Sanuk Sandcastle Competion

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday CDObloggers where invited for Sanuk Sandcastle Competition at the Limketkai Mall Parking Lot E. It was fun witnessing 8 groups busy building sandcastle's. They all have different designs in there sandcastle some of it are sanuk sandals, turtle, sharks, mermaids and different types of castle.
The winners of the event are:

Dark Green Team - Sand Nuke

2nd runner up
Lightgreen - Debuho Iliganon

1st runner up
Orange team - Adcashemanic


Big thanks to Sanuk and to Miss Tara Valencia for inviting the CDO bloggers at the Sanuk Sandcastle Competion. We will look forward for next year.

After the event we had dinner at The Bridge formerly Skypark at the North Concourse Limketkai Mall.

And as usual I ordered there specialty and my fave grilled stuffed squid.

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  1. saya naman nyan mommy venus...yahaya ninyo oi, sunod apila ko if invited mo sa starbucks opening....willing jud ko mo join...:)

  2. Don worry Mommy Phebs ill invite you pagnaa invited events. ;)
    Sa Starbucks hopefully will be invited waiting pa feedback si mindanaoan. :)


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