The Hugs & Kisses Sterling Silver Necklace Giveaway

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Icay, a fellow blogger and mommy who is currently living in Las Vegas now is giving away “Hugs and Kisses” Necklace from Alexa’s Angels. This is her unique way of saying thank you for another year given to her on her birthday which is today, April 1st.

I first saw the necklace in plurk where Icay posted a photo of her wearing it. It really attracted me ever since. And when Icay posted the mechanics of the “Hugs and Kisses” Necklace from Alexa’s Angels contest on her blog I was happy to know that its going to be the prize and that I will have a chance to owned it too (if I win! hehehe). It's also good to know that this Alexa’s Angels is dedicated to creating, finding and supporting programs that benefit women.

So why do I deserve to get the giveaway? Well simply because Im a women and I really love to see the Hugs & Kisses Sterling Silver Necklace on my neck. ;)

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