CDObloggers at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop

I just had an excellent breakfast at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop with fellow CDObloggers today. We were invited to come and visit the place by the owner, Mr. Henrik Yu.
While on the way I was a bit sleepy but when I entered Missy Bon Bon I just suddenly felt hungry. The sweets, cakes and breads were so yummy to look. I was also greeted by the friendly staffs that keep on smiling.

I ordered Missy Pancake match with brewed coffee and I was right that there food was indeed yummy. I also had a chat with the owner while I was taking pictures at the cakes and sweets area and discovered that their products are made of healthy ingredients which are perfect for those people who are on a diet. Mr. Henrick Yu also said that there are more products to come soon. I personally want to try there mango float but they don't offer it in per slice price; it is good only for one whole.

he CDObloggers really had fun food tasting and picture taking of the place. And definitely will come back and hangout more often to the place because we just discovered they offer free wifi.

Big thanks to Mr. Henrik Yu and his staffs! The place was so cozy, the food was fantastic and the staffs are so friendly.