Friday Foodtrip with Friends

Together with friends last Friday, we went to Limketkai Mall for food trip and bonding. We first dine at Shabu-Shabu in the second floor of Limketkai Mall. It was my... or rather our first time to try dining in the place so we were amaze at how they serve their food it was like a picnic at your backyard. The restaurants ambiance doesn't really have that outdoor look but the way they cook or even grilled your food right on top of your table where you eat made me think that we are having a picnic. :D It definitely made our tummy full after finishing our order which is ofcourse their specialty, the Shabu-Shabu.

After dinner we went to Coffeworks for some coffee shakes and wifi access. But it did not end there since before going home we bought pizza at Yellow Cab and eat... eat... again.