Foodtrip with Janlac

Last night Janlac and I had a crazy food trip. We headed to Limketkai since she craved for siomai and me for cake. we drop at Limketkai but it was already closed. We actually taught there is a midnight sale but instead it was Robinsons who was having a midnight sale. So we bought siomai there and a Crema de fruta from Cecil's.

And then ordered manhattan meat lovers pizza at Yellow Cab.

We were really laughing because we bought so much food and we haven't even finished everything since we're already feeling very full. It was one awesome night of girl bonding and sharing of everything including Janlac's passion to spicy sauces. OMG! My mouth was really in heat trying that spicy sauce in my pizza. I just realized that even if Janlac and I have different taste and likes we still manage to compliment with each other. The difference was never an issue for us to be closer with each other. :)