What I Wore | Lace Long Sleeve and High Waisted Short

Hey there! How are you doing?
I will be sharing my outfit at one of my weekly coffee date with my best friend.
Since last year, we've been doing this weekly coffee date. We sometimes go window shopping or buy errands, but most of the time we're seating at The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf with our latte or ice blended drinks and talk about each others life updates and struggles. 😜


As you know, I love bohemian outfits but my go to look is high waist shorts and long sleeve top. I just love how this look can go casual, preppy, and classy, depends on the footwear you go with it. 
The top I'm wearing here was both at Surplus years back, when my bestfriend and I went window shopping, and just wore it for the first time on one of our random coffee date. I just love how the long sleeve is in lace, just perfect for the hot weather were having. This is actually not 2in1, the black top is attached to the lace underneath. What I don't like in this top is that the its so delicate, you need to be very careful not to tear it. I've accidentally tear the shoulder part but thankfully I was able to sew it.  
The high waist shorts is not new but I don't think I've shared this one here in the blog. Contrary to the top, the shorts actually thick and has a silk lining. When its hot its thickness can be uncomfortable and make your legs and ass sweaty. 😅
As for the footwear, I like wedges for its comfortable for walking and still give the whole look a lady-like vibe.
The bag is a birthday gift from my bestfriend, and according to her she bought it online at Zalora.

Outfit Details: 
Top: Surplus (SM Downtown) 
Shorts: Robinsons Department Store 
Bag: Zalora
Shoes: Dilao Shopping Center

Pokemon Pikachu Headphone from Lazada

Hey everyone! Sharing to you a review of the Pokemon headphone that we purchased online through Lazada.com.ph through merchant name is Anime Zone.
January last year, when I recommend to a friend to buy a headphone for my son since its on his Christmas wish-list. So we ordered this POKEMON GO Enthusiastic Pikachu Cool Super Bass Anime Headphones at ₱249.00 in Lazada.

The Review...

The quality is good, with its cheap price the audio is not compromise. I love the vibrant color as well... Sadly, it only last a few months because the wire near the ear muff was cut. And then I was not able to have it fix because the ear muff cover is also starting to tear up. 

Don't I deserve to be me?

You know when you reach the point of your life that you’re so tired of people around you. Tired of always following what they want. I've always been the type of person who always follow what everyone wants and adjust myself to the situation or to the person. I just keep silent even if i'm no longer comfortable or tired. I always please everyone to like me and in order to fit in. 
 I guess lately that change a bit... lately all I wanna do is make myself happy and not pressure myself in making other people to like me. I never thought Id reach this point... but i'm probably tired of pleasing people around me. I just felt that the more I please and follow them, the more I feel hurt and lost my drive to live in this world. 
I  feel uninspired day by day thinking, hearing, or reading people expectations on what I should do and I shouldn’t. 
I feel like I have no right to do what I want. 
I feel like they are saying those coz i'm often wrong in the end and so I have no right to decide on my life.  
I feel so restricted to be me... to be happy... 
Yes, I've made mistakes. I mess up most of the time. I've made bad decisions. But don't I deserved to be me and be happy because of it? 
 Freedom and Peace. Why is it so hard to get?

#LifeLately | After The Long Hiatus

Hey everyone! It has been so long since I've updated this blog. I actually felt ashamed to my readers and disappointed in myself, since I keep on saying I am back and going to post regular updates. Yet, I am still missing in action. 

The challenges...

I noticed...what's holding me back from updating this blog regularly is that I want a well-organized and well-made blog post... Something that my readers will have some take away after reading. Something that is relevant and pleasing in the eye (image-wise most especially)… And so, it's stressing me out and not publish a post in the end...
With a lot of backlogs that I want to share, I got so overwhelmed on which one I should be sharing first and how to share it. Since it's been so long or it happened way back already.
Anyways, this time around I decided I won't make any more promises and I won't pressure myself in creating perfect and well-made content. I will let everything flow naturally and share whatever it is that I wanna share, whether it's insightful or not.
I realized... that blogging has been a therapy for me to express what I feel and what I wanted to say. It exercises my mind to think... not just anything superficial but to think happy thoughts. Blogging has helped me overcome my insecurities and anxiety... It helped me to successfully practice mindfulness and gratitude, without me knowing. Every time I clicked the publish button and share something here in my blog I feel happy, accomplished, and blessed.  

And I wanna experience that feeling again...

So to start, let's do the Life Lately series (read more about this series here),
since it's the perfect (and easy) post to start with...


Nothing... I haven't been watching anything from K-drama to YouTube vlogs. During my free time at work, I play mobile RPG (Role Play Games). I got addicted to playing games that I mostly spent my time and staying up late playing mobile games. 


I am thinking of going back to watching K-drama's again though.
Can you recommend me a feel-good or romantic-comedy K-drama?


I'm honestly wishing for prosperity for me this year... last year it was tough.


I hope that I will continue to post more updates here on my blog regularly. And that I won't be lazy or feel overwhelmed anymore.


I want to travel somewhere!


Inspiration... I don't know, just lately I felt so uninspired.


Sad, because I uninstalled Survival Heroes. I am taking a vacation from playing this game. I so much enjoyed and love playing this mobile game but I had to stop for some reason that is hard and long to explain. T_T


Something green... Sleeveless top and shorts. I just realize this now while typing. XD

Mumuso Green Tea Bubble Facial Cleanser


I both this facial wash at the recently opened Mumuso Store at LimketKai Mall. I was attracted at the built-in brush in the bottle. And upon reading the packaging it's main ingredient is Green Tea. It's my first time to use a bubble facial cleanser so I was really curious and excited to try it.

Upon using the facial cleanser, the pump functions well. And i love how convenient it is to just pump it. The cleanser immediately bubbles when you pump it out. The silicon brush is gentle to the skin. And I like how it easily cleans the face especially if your washing the make-up on your face. I also like the feeling of the brush on my skin. I feel like the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells are really brush off my skin. It does have a scent when using it. 

I like that  it has cover in the brush. However, I do recommend to wash the brush thoroughly with water because they tend to get dirty eventually.

After using this cleanser, my face didn't feel dry every after wash which is good. And even though the packaging says peeling foam, I didn't notice any peeling in my skin while using this product.