My Desktop At Work

 This is my desktop at work. With photo of the handsome and gorgeous Guji Lorenzana on the side. It keeps me awake and makes me smile.
P.S. I love Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenzana's love team. I hope they will have more projects together... 

Big Blogging Event Coming!

August was the busiest month for the CDOBloggers. We participated on the whole month activities for the Kagay-an Festival 2009. There were many activities that we attended such like; the Kumbira 2009, Tatak Environmentalist-One shirt.One Tree campaign launching, Kagayan Dance Festival, Kagay-an 3rd Golden Float Parade, the Miss Kagay-an 2009, First Pyrotechnic Competition, Free Concerts, Kapamilya Caravan and many more activities which make the city fiesta colorful and enjoyable.
We were also busy having meetings for the preparation of the two big blogging event that will happen this coming October 24, 2009. This event is the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit and Philippine Blog Awards. Bloggers from all over the country will be coming in Cagayan de Oro to attend this event. We will be expecting a very important guest as our Keynote speaker not just bloggers. So we are volting all our powers to make this an event to remember to all the participants.
See you all to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 and Philippine Blog Awards Night!

Fiesta At Work

It’s Kagay-an City Fiesta and we have work. However, our boss treated us for a fiesta lunch here at work. There was beef spaghetti cooked by Angela, Salad made by Sheryl, lechon baboy and manok, and grilled pork. Angela also made fruit punch which was so fruity delicious since she did not put too much gin in it. Everyone had their stomachs full after eating.

Happy Saint Augustine Fiesta Cagayan de Oro!

Tatak Environmentalist: One Shirt.One Tree Project

CDO Bloggers supports the Tatak Environmentalist, One Shirt.One Tree Project. What is great about this project is that for P250.00 worth of nice shirt that you buy, you get to plant a tree. A very unique way of helping the environment, preserve nature and prevent future calamities.
The launching was held at OIC Parking lot, Cagayan de Oro City, August 22, 2009 at 7pm. Among the performers were Thoughts And Notions, Nobelista Pasta, Tabularaza, Amplified and a whole lot more.

Happy Birthday Kristo Magno!

Last night along with the KMPH workmates celebrated the birthday of our boss Kristo Magno at Loreto's Resto Grill. Jigs and his team also joined the party. As usual we reserved the Coca Cola room but unfortunately the karaoke doesnt gave score after every song which was supposed to be anticipated by one of our workmate since we bet that he should get a score of 100. But it was a fun night and everyone was drunk except me (just had 2 bottles of San Mig light).

Happy Birthday Kristo Magno!