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My Succesful Blogging 101 Mini Forum Experience!

CDObloggers Blogging 101 Mini Forum was a successful today!
It was an instant plan to organize mini forums as part of our summer activities. So within a week we need to prepare a presentation for Blogging 101 since Red team was the first presenter. As the team leader I got stressed on how to handle things out since I’m not good in speaking in front of everybody. Most of my  group mates are busy and others don’t want to speak-up so I had no choice but to overcome my fear.
Anyways, Im glad that we pull it over and finish the event successfully. As well as help newbie bloggers the basics of blogging, setting up their own blog in free hosted and self-hosted, and content development. The feeling was great and happy!

Looking back a year ago, I was a newbie and don’t have any idea about blogging. I just created my on blog when I got to hangout with blogger friends -- the CDObloggers. I was thinking that in order for me to belong in the group I need to learn and experience what blogging is. So I set-up my first blog which is the “Something Learn and Discover” in this blog I just post whatever interesting things I discovered and learned. From then on I started experimenting from customizing my blogs template to learning to optimize my blog to gain more traffic in order to earn. And when I got confuse at something or need assistance I just ask help with my fellow CDObloggers whenever we get to hangout or meetings. I could say that joining CDObloggers has given me a lot of influence when it comes to blogging because aside from the fact that I get to network with fellow bloggers I was also able to participate into different activities and workshops that gave me additional knowledge. And now my latest accomplishment in this group was that I got the chance to teach newbie bloggers during the Blogging 101 mini forum. ;)

By the way, a big thanks to Smart Communications for our very nice freebies and to our venue which is Vienna Kaffehaus. The place was very great they offer nice service and comfortable function room at a reasonable price. It’s sad that on our SEO Mini Forum they won’t be able to cater us because of the scheduled power interruptions. Hopefully we could come back on our future mini forums.

CDObloggers Summer Activities

CDObloggers is back on track again! We plan different activities for this summer so join us and learn. Below are the blogging activities for April.

April 17, 2010 Blogging 101 Mini Forum
April 18, 2010 SEO Mini Forum
April 24, 2010 Make Money Online Mini Forum

VENUE: Vienna Kaffehaus
TIME: 3:00PM - 5:00PM

April 25, 2010 Beach Party