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What I Wore | Blue Skater Skirt

I obviously love blue!

Wore this outfit at the Bobson Japan launching. Bobson just opened its first boutique in the Philippines and yes its specifically here in our city. Was invited for the launching and media preview and you can read more about it here.

It’s my first time to wore this skater skirt that was given to me by my friend. I match the skirt with a button down top which I got from Romwe and heels for a complete semi-formal look.

I should have known this skirt are comfy. Its been given to me for awhile and just worn it now. One of the reason is that I am actually waiting for the perfect time to wear it with those killer heels (which is in color blue too…). I also thought because of its pearl details it kinda give the skirt a semi-formal-look perfect. I like the feeling when your wearing the skirt because it makes me feel so lady-like. Well definitely try it with my boots next time…

How about you? How do you wear your skater skirts? What’s the favorite shoe you always wear with it?