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National Bookstore Project Aral

School Supplies

Back to school is fast approaching!

My kiddo is officially enrolled and ready for the next school year. What's lacking though is the books and uniform but I'll worry on that later since school haven't started yet. Next stop is buying school supplies. It was very helpful that his teacher has already listed all the school supplies he needs at school coz it saves the time and money on shopping.

School Requirements

If you are going to buy school supplies at the National Bookstore, you might be interested in donating a school supplies for the children who are affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. National Bookstore Project Aral school kit includes 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, sharpener and eraser. This kit cost 25.00 (PHP). Your extra 25.00 can go a long way in helping kids in need.

National Bookstore Project Aral

Book: Your Mind At Its Best

Everytime I pass by at National Bookstore - Centrio I always go inside and visit my favorite spot... the Religion/Inspiration bookshelf. I am actually looking for a book called The Secret Daily Teachings but they only have The Secret on display always. I haven't checked other branches though if its available there because I often visit Centrio Mall and National Bookstore is in an area where I often pass by whether I'll go grab some meal or going to grocery. Most of the times when I visit other malls I always forget to check the National Bookstore.

Anyways, today I checked on the books on display and I saw Rhonda Byrnes newest book Hero (The Secret) is now available. I am tempted to buy it but I really wanted to own first The Secret Daily Teachings. So instead I checked on other books. There where a lot of new books on the shelf and I was attracted to this book... Your Mind At Its Best: 40 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp by David Biebel, James Dill and Bobbie Dill. I got curios and so I run through the pages on one of the unwrap books. I find it useful and interesting to read and so I end up buying it instead.

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Lucky Friday...

When I checked twitter earlier I read someone posted this in their profile
I don't believe in luck. I believe in d power, grace, & blessings of being in Christ. Sori but believing in luck just robs u of ur faith.

Is it true? Hmmmm... However, today has been a day full of luck for me.
  • Last minute grocery for my Camiguin trip.
  • Was able to arrive at Limkekai Mall before closing time.
  • Bought Stallion Series: Jigger Samaniego 1 &2 PHR pockebook at National Bookstore. Actually it was the last 2 copies for Jigger Samaniego 1  and the last copy for Jigger Samaniego 2. Geez... I have been hunting for many months for this but its always sold out.