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The Lipstick For Me!

During my fabulous day at the Etude House Centrio Mall opening I have mentioned that I found the perfect lip color for my lips. I was not able to buy it actually because I was in a hurry that time. So when I pass by at Etude House in Mall of Asia, during my Manila escape, I didn't miss the chance to buy a lipstick at Etude House. And my cousin also shop for her own make-ups...

Here's what we shop:
  • Look At My Lips  (328.00)
  • Sweet Nail Sticker (178.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (478.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Cheek (548.00)
  • Proof 10 Liquid Liner (498.00) 
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash)(198.00)
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Petticoat)(198.00)
We also received a freebie from our purchase! Since we reached the amount of Php 2000 we got the pink water container and we also received a Pepero in celebration of Pepero Day in Korea.
The lipstick I bought is the Look At My Lips pink and here is how it look...
Me wearing the Look At My Lips pink lipstick without flash...
And here's another picture of me wearing the lipstick with flash.

What I like about the lipstick is that it match perfectly on any make-ups Im wearing. I also like that it easily spread evenly on the lips without using a lip brush. It also last longer. One thing I also worry when buying lipsticks is that I usually have problems with chapped lips after wearing it, good thing with this lipstick so far I haven't experience it.