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Looking Back At My Facebook Journey

Today, I am sharing with you my Facebook Movie made by Mark Zuckerberg and his team in Facebook. The video is all about the highlights in my 4 years on Facebook. Technically, I started Facebook 5 years ago but I created a new Facebook account to separate work and personal updates. And yes, the reason I signed-up for a Facebook account before was for work. Until some friends and relatives from the past and the present started adding me on Facebook that I find it hard to mix work updates and personal updates.

I could see that the highlights in the video was base on the most liked, most commented and probably the most viral photos and status post. Most viral means that a lot of people saw that update, probably because of the friends that are tagged on the photos or post and the comments in the post.

After watching the video there's only one thing that describes my journey in Facebook... Friendship. My video is all about the friends that I've reunited, met, gone and stayed...

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

Have you seen your Facebook movie too? How was it?