What I Wore | Black Off-Shoulder Top & Floral Palazzo Pants

Hello Feb-ibig... 
How is everyone doing on the second month of the year?
There's two occasions most people in our city looking forward on celebrating this month...
And that's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.
Since I'm no Chinese and I currently have a non-existent love life. Will skip this topics.
P.S. Love is spoken as pag-ibig in our local dialect. That is why I greeted you with Feb-ibig! ;)

Aside from maxi dresses and maxi skirts I also love palazzo pants. I just love how comfortable and easy to style this type of pants.

My wide leg pants styling preferences...
I love to pair it with basic tees and a statement necklace.
I also love it with Off-shoulder tops.
I usually wear them on flat sandals.

My palazzo styling checklist...
Wear it with turtle neck tops.
Wear it with lace top.
For formal look, tuck in a button-down shirt with a belt.
Or wear it with blazer and heels or wedges.
For an edgy touch wear it with leather jacket.
And for casual take add denim jacket or vest.
To buy plain color palazzo pants specifically in white, black, red and dark blue.

Do you like palazzo pants? How do you wear them?

Wishlist: Stylish Cardigans

Hi Everyone!
Today Im sharing my cardigan craze. 
Though its super hot during the day here in our city I always make sure I bring cardigans in my bag. This is the reason I always have a bulky bag! >.<
I am not so good at dealing with cold air. So even if its not raining but Im inside an air conditioned place/venue I immediately wear my cardigans to protect me. I also wear cardigans when Im still out during the night. Too much exposure to cold air will eventually gave me headache or worst not feeling well. 
Could it be signs of aging? hahaha I dont know. All I know is that I find comfort wearing cardigans when it gets to much cold or windy. 
I am actually shopping online for some new cardigans to add in my closet.  And I found some stylish and great finds at Newchic.com. Since I cant buy them all at once, Im sharing my top picks or should I say wishlist here in my blog.  

Do you like wearing cardigans? 
Any picks from the cardigans Ive shared above?

Pattern Fringe Shawl Scarf sku171342

Theme of The Year: #Invest2016

Hello there midweek! How was your week going on so far?
Since the year Ive read Bianca Gonzales' article about Theme of the Year Ive  been using it since then. So instead of writing new year resolutions that I would probably not achieve by the end of the year, I set a theme to guide me for the whole year. My previous themes so far, has helped me to stay on track on what I wanted to achieve and experience for the whole year.  
Last year, I ended having the theme #Travel2015. So Im pursuing the theme #Invest2016 this year. This year will be all about savings and investment. I already have several investment in mind so wish me luck that I shall succeed it and achieve it.
My investment will not be solely about money. It will also be with things and actions that I believe will be vital for myself and my families future.
Have you think of a theme for yourself this year?

Denim Dollhouse Top
Sammydress.com Boots

 Talking about investment, anyone of you interested to take Teaching English as a Foriegn Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate course?
A TEFL/TESOL certificate is the major qualification required to teach English abroad.
Taking a TEFL/TESOL certificate course provides the opportunity to travel and work around the world,  to gain knowledge and experience of foreign cultures and languages.
In case your interested, I have a great news for you because TEFL International TESOL and Language Center gave me a special discount code for you my readers. Use this code to have 50%  off on the fees. Thats a huge savings I tell yah!
Go ahead use this code and mention my blog when you inquire. :) 
 Discount Code: TEFLVM06 
For enrollment and inquiries you may contact them on the following:
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What I Wore | Sleeveless Lace Dress

It's mid-week and I cant wait for weekend! :D
Here's an outfit I wore at the Gibi Shoes Fun Day event. Attending invites like this, I always consider the venue, what the event is all about and the possible itinerary or happenings in the event, when choosing for an outfit to wear. Most likely casual chic is the usual outfit for this kind of event.
However, since we're going to meet and chitchat with celebrities; Jasmine and Ella before we go to the venue of the event, I choose to wear this lace dress so I will still be stylish yet comfy. And then paired it with a not so high wedge sandals so I can freely move at the event proper after.

I'm honestly having trouble creating blog post right now...
Before I can immediately express what I wanted to share here.
Not that I don't have anything to share... Believe me I have lots of things that I wanted to share to everyone here but I just cant find the words say.
I don't know why...
But I am trying to figure it out. For now I shall bear with my slow pace in writing a new blog post.

Have a great day everyone!

CDOBloggers Christmas Party 2015

Happy new year everyone!
Last December, I attended the year-end gathering of the local bloggers group here in our city. Its been awhile since we've gathered and so its exciting to see everyone again have fun and party. 
Boy Zugba hosted the Christmas party. It was actually my first time to visit the place since its opening early 2015. 
True enough the food is superb. I am not much into chicken inasal but I love the taste and texture of the chicken. Special mention on the delicious atsara that comes with it, I so love it that I've ate a lot. hehe A lot of boggers also rave on the cheezy chorizo they said its delicious, no wonder it was all gone in a snap. :D The dessert was good as well... I was able to finish the whole serve of leche flan when I usually just scoop a teaspoon on other occasions. The mango shake is made with real fruit so thats another plus factor to me. 
Will definitely comeback and try other food listed on their menu.

I was assigned on the games for the party... Glad they all enjoyed it and had a great laugh. The games were Chopstick game, find your Christmas song partner, Japanese dance using paper plate... There was a raffle draw also of where everyone got the chance to win a Jollibee giftchecks, Boy Zugba giftchecks and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Got a prize for the Blogger with the latest CDO related blog post.
After that we also had our annual CDOBloggers Officers election. Im back to being an officer to the organization. 

We ended the party with an exchange gifts and a whole lot of pictures...