I Want a Boyfriend Like JC Intal!

  • Saturday, March 22, 2014
  • By Venus Gal

Instagram is something I check first thing when I wake up. Yesterday, I just discovered something sweet that became the buzz of town and trending topic of the day. Basketball player JC Intal just proposed to Bianca Gonzales at NAIA terminal with close friends (as accomplice) and the public travelers to witness.

I got kilig when I saw some photos an videos on Instagram yesterday but didn't really have a plan to jump into the bandwagon of blogging the trending topic of the day. Until I saw Bianca Gonzales super kilig Instagram update this morning...

That Little Things...

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 1: during breakfast on the plane, I was served this note in a wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 2: around 5 hours into the flight, while eating my in-flight adobo lunch, this note came in another wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 3: when I woke up on the plane, the pilot (yes, as in the pilot of the plane!!) comes out to talk to me and congratulate me, hands me JC's passport holder (that I was borrowing from JC before I left pero he said no), and inside was this third and final note. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb #luckiestgirlintheworld

You see one reason probably why I'm still single right now is that I'm a hopeless romantic. Spark, romance, fairy tales, and sweet gestures is something I always look for on a guy. I am so inlove with happy endings and love in every relationship. The reason my friends would say I'll grow old single because man like that no longer exist nowadays. Well, yes I admit I'm worried and I do believe that man like that our now instinct until JC Intal's sweet gestures relive that sentimental dream/wish of mind.

It's the Thought that Counts...

What made me so kilig at JC Intal is that he was never afraid to ask Bianca Gonzales in public. Its was not about a 'grand showcase' or another 'airport proposal copy-cut' but it was all about the joy of surprising the woman you love and shouting to the world "Im going to be the soon-to-be-husband of this woman". Nothing is more sweeter to a woman than seeing how proud her man is with his girl. And yes the effort in planning everything for the surprise is undeniably sweet. Well, it may not be applicable to all the woman because I know some others are not keen to surprises. However, for me its sweet!

@mikaelamartinez: @iamsuperbianca was already checked in & was asked to come back to check in counter to verify a package....& then we came out one by one handing over a rose.. "Baby i love your way" performed live~ @jcintal7 song of choice ☺️ #jcandb

@mikaelamartinez: When he asked her to marry him...(sorry the video was shakey! I was tearing up) @jcintal7 @iamsuperbianca #jcandb


Venus Smileygal

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