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Taeyang's New Song: Seed [English Translation]

Taeyang released two new music video today. These are songs from his new album called, Down To Earth. I just love listening to his song titled Seed, its so melodic and has so much emotions in it. 

T-ara's Day By Day Music Video

I have previously blogged that T-ara often show a different from the usual music videos. On their recent come back they again stun the fans and Kpop lovers with another dramatic music video comeback with the title song "Day By Day". When Loen Entertainment released the video teaser few weeks back I was really amazed and anticipated for the full music video. I really love how fierce Jiyeon and Eunjung on this music video. Though Eunjung ain't part on this music video drama yet you can still watch here on the behind the scene towards the end. Areum and Hyomin did a pretty well acting too.
And the usual its 2 part so it to be continued... :D
So without further adieu here is the music video.

T-ara's 2 Part Music Video of Cry,Cry And Lovey Dovey

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know my addiction to Korean Pop and Korean drama's. The reason being they do entertain me a lot and brings out mix emotions on every song and dramas I've watched. Now the latest music video I discovered is far different from the usual music videos, its a music and drama digested in a 15 to 20 minutes clip. More like a short clip already showcasing T-ara's tracks on their latest album; Funky Town. Its sad that I just discovered the full MV now when the release of the first MV is last November 2011 when T-ara promoted Cry, Cry. I was watching the dance version only and the teasers and didn't get to watch the other version of the music video. And my excuse is that im a YG Family fanatic and focus on the YG artist most of the time. Anyways, ill be sharing the 2 part full music video. It so awesome... Jiyeon did a pretty cool acting and she's very fierce.
Im sorry if it has no English sub, but just watch the video you will understand the story there's not much dialogue in it anyway.

Fave Song: In A Rush by Blackstreet

Here's one of my ultimate favorite song. I just dont know why but I just love this song.
In the video was SS501 sang In A rush when they appeared in Mnet Madame B Saloon last December 5, 2008.