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CDO Bloggers Christmas Party

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers will be celebrating Christmas at Local Grill & SeaFood Restaurant (Watever KTV 2nd Floor), Corrales Street, Cagayan de Oro City on Sunday, December 19 at 7:00pm - 11:30pm.

Party Theme is going to be Back-2-School meaning you guys can dress up on any school related costumes either teacher, student or even the school janitor... :P There will be an exchange gift minimum of Php 100. Gift is anything that is BATTERY OPERATED.

Expect big prizes to be given away like cellphones, laptop bags and many more. Party Fee is Php 150 only which you can pay on the event. So invite your friends and join the fun!

My Bloggers’ Choice Award: Bukidnon Online

My vote for Philippine Blogs Award 2010 Bloggers’ Choice Award will be for Bukidnon Online because it provides readers with updated news and latest events. Bukidnon Online also aims to help promote the tourism of Bukidnon and also provide comprehensive info and guide of the best places that we should visit and check out. It also encourage and inspire for fellow Bukidnon people as well as bloggers to take part in making there voices be heard by sharing their own ideas and suggestions on any issue at hand. Additionally, Bukidnon Online is a certified Mindanaon blog which is truly worth voting for!

How about you? Have you voted for your Bloggers Choice Award? Vote now because deadline will be before 11:59 PM of December 11, 2010.

My 2nd Wordcamp Philippines!

I have just attended the Wordcamp Philippines 2010 along with fellow bloggers Mindanaoan, Cherry and Jenjacqs. This was my 2nd time to attend this event and the first one was last year. This year Matt Mullenweg grace the event which is no wonder participants was more than a half compared to last year. One thing I will always remember is that I got lucky have the chance to take photos with Matt Mullenweg as well as chat with him casually. hehehe credits to Mindanaoan ;) And also I won yet another t-shirt but this time its a "Make Web Not War" Wordpress t-shirt from Microsoft. Last year it was a Wordcamp t-shirt that I won but this year the Wordcamp t-shirt was given freely inside our kits. Which reminds me that I like so much our kits this year it was packed in a uniquely design bag Wordcamp logo.

Anyways, here's my summary of the event...
In the morning we attended the 3 breakout sessions we choose upon our registration online and mine was the following:
  • Misty BelardoIntegrating Social Media
    - The speaker more likely talk on getting to know social media. Topics tackle was for beginners.
  • Jonas Roque - Customizing a WordPress Blog with Themes and Plugins
    - This was a fun session and I really did learned a lot. The topic was more on the technical part in costumizing webpage/blog. Jonas Roque was kind of not used in speaking/explaining infront of so many bloggers all of us go out in the room with new knowledge.
  • Jayvee FernandezBlogging with Passion
    - As the description itself the speaker did shared how he blog passionately and what motivates him to blog.
And in the afternoon also a lot more topics discussed by various speakers; Social Media: Powered by WordPress, Blogging Ethics and Google University. After that was the question and answer portion with Matt Mullenweg.
My special thanks to Ria Jose and avatar media for inviting CDO Bloggers for the dinner after the event. Kudos to Avatar Media and the Wordcamp Philippines 2010 organizers, volunteers and sponsors for the success of the event!