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What I Wore | Jeans & Crop Top

Here's what I wear at a friends birthday.  This is the first Ive worn this jeans which by the way is so comfy. I bought this from the newly opened Bobson Japan at Limketkai Mall. I opted for the red jeans because I want something unsual. And these can make even the simplest outfits, like t-shirts and sneakers, look stylish.
Just like my pants my crop top is so comfy and more like a second skin. I am a fan of turtle neck styles. And im happy that the cloth is soft and thin enough which compliments the tropical climate were having.

Kikay Monday: Korean Food + Ice Cream

Mondate with friends... Since each of us are busy during weekends my friends and I decided to see each other every Monday to go out, window shopping, eat, drink coffee and whatever "kakikayan" that we can think of. Its our way of catching up and de-stress.

#OOTD: Globe Telecom Appreciation Party

OOTD - Globe Party (7)

It was raining on that day so I opted for an outfit that will keep me warm. Coz I was in a hurry I play safe and grab the jeans my mom gave me. A lot of my friends actually reacted coz I dont really wear jeans specially in parties. Well blame the weather that I woke up late and already in a hurry that I don't have to think what skirts or dress to wear.