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A Meeting With Geiser Maclang Team

CDO bloggers had a meeting with Geiser Maclang Team last February 11, 2011 at the Cafe Laguna. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the progress and immediate need of Kagay-anons who has suffered from the typhoon Sendong wrath. Geiser Maclang Team is planning to help Cagayan de Oro rise again in terms of business, livelihood and emotional stability for the victims. They ask helped from us bloggers to determined in which part are still lacking and what is a feasible project that would help Cagayan de Oro and its people.

As the meeting progress on, Miss Amor Maclang mentioned that she also want to do something that will help the tourism in Cagayan de Oro. And thats where the Extreme Mindanao event take shape. CDOBloggers has been planning this extreme adventure event since late last year but due to the calamity that struck the city all plans put on hold since everyone is busy reviving and helping others. When Miss Amor Maclang heard about our planned she excitedly offer helped for the event to push trough. It was an awesome meeting because it was as if made to take place.

This eXtreme Mindanao event is not only for Cagayan de Oro that would benefit but also Mindanao's tourism. And so CDOBloggers Inc is looking forward for this team up with Geiser Maclang.

And on behalf of my fellow Kagay-anon I would also like to thank Geiser Maclang Team for the passion of helping others and putting in great effort to help Cagayand de Oro rise again.

After the meeting Jacq, Vic and I  drop by somewhere check it out here...