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CDOBloggers Christmas Party 2015

Happy new year everyone!
Last December, I attended the year-end gathering of the local bloggers group here in our city. Its been awhile since we've gathered and so its exciting to see everyone again have fun and party. 
Boy Zugba hosted the Christmas party. It was actually my first time to visit the place since its opening early 2015. 
True enough the food is superb. I am not much into chicken inasal but I love the taste and texture of the chicken. Special mention on the delicious atsara that comes with it, I so love it that I've ate a lot. hehe A lot of boggers also rave on the cheezy chorizo they said its delicious, no wonder it was all gone in a snap. :D The dessert was good as well... I was able to finish the whole serve of leche flan when I usually just scoop a teaspoon on other occasions. The mango shake is made with real fruit so thats another plus factor to me. 
Will definitely comeback and try other food listed on their menu.

I was assigned on the games for the party... Glad they all enjoyed it and had a great laugh. The games were Chopstick game, find your Christmas song partner, Japanese dance using paper plate... There was a raffle draw also of where everyone got the chance to win a Jollibee giftchecks, Boy Zugba giftchecks and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Got a prize for the Blogger with the latest CDO related blog post.
After that we also had our annual CDOBloggers Officers election. Im back to being an officer to the organization. 

We ended the party with an exchange gifts and a whole lot of pictures...

CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party

CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party went punk fashion. I actually suggested the dress code because wearing punk will go well with the venue the Chills Music & Video Family KTV. ^_^ I went all black with my punk fashion, black off shoulder top and black shorts. My shorts has traces of brown threads which compliments my brown boots. For accessories I added a colorful spike bracelet, spike ring, cross ring and a rings chain necklace (which in this look I use as a belt. I just find it more comfortable to wear it as belt than wear it as necklace) to complete the look.
Thrifted black top and shorts| Romwe Gun Print Nude Tights| Tommy Hilfiger leather ankle boots

CDOBloggers Night 2013

Okay so what's with the last 2 photos?! Will they ask us (who are wearing punk fashion) to showcase our style. Seriously! Im not good at doing this. Anyways, here are some photos of the event.

CDO Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party

I was actually not planning to attend the party but Jacques keeps on convincing me to attend because we met prior to the party. When we arrive at Mommy Grace house only me, Jacques, Judy and Mommy Emma are the guest. Sadly the others weren't able to join due health and family emergencies.

However, that didn't prevent us to have fun. We had woman-to-woman bonding and chikkas. Jacques and I even got a lovelife encouragements from fellow married mommies.

During exchange gift we also had a blast. It was stated on the CDO Mommy Blogger Christmas Party event page that gift should be something wearable. And that something wearable wrap on my gift is a beaded handbag which mommy Grace now owning it.

Mommy Grace gift was a victoria secret lingerie which was received by mommy Emma. While giving gift mommy Grace exclaimed "Igu jud kaayo na sa imo!" which made us all laugh.

Jacques received Judy's gift which is a bag.

And Judy received the gift from mommy Emma but we exchange gifts because I received Jacques gift of which I already know whats inside. And we already agreed that Jacques and I should not received each others gift coz its no more surprising. Good thing Judy's kind enough to switch gifts, which turns out a perfect swap in the end coz Judy love the pouch bag, bracelet and earrings on Jacques gift.

And I on the other hand received a fantabulous gift from mommy Emma of which Judy said it was indeed a perfect swap coz she doesn't see herself wearing it... :D Mommy Emma fulfilled some stuff Im eyeing to have; the sling bag and a colorful spike bracelet.

See that happy face while revealing my gift? I have longed to own this stuff but didn't really buy it for myself because I just thought its just a product of my fashion addiction that started to grow in me this year. You know the kind that "I want to have this coz its perfect for this outfit/get-up". Lol When I buy I always had that in mind. If I saw stuffs my mind will automatically have a mental check whats in my closet that will go with it. Do you have the same thinking?
Excuse my outfit on that day... I was supposed to go grocery shopping and not to party, the reason I was in my everyday comfort fashion; short and t-shirt and no make up.
Photos from Mommy Grace and Jacques.

CDO Bloggers Christmas Party

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers will be celebrating Christmas at Local Grill & SeaFood Restaurant (Watever KTV 2nd Floor), Corrales Street, Cagayan de Oro City on Sunday, December 19 at 7:00pm - 11:30pm.

Party Theme is going to be Back-2-School meaning you guys can dress up on any school related costumes either teacher, student or even the school janitor... :P There will be an exchange gift minimum of Php 100. Gift is anything that is BATTERY OPERATED.

Expect big prizes to be given away like cellphones, laptop bags and many more. Party Fee is Php 150 only which you can pay on the event. So invite your friends and join the fun!