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Pinay Mommies Community Charity Event 2012

Pinay Mommies Community organized a charity event that benefits families who were victims of Typhoon Sendong here in Cagayan de Oro. On July 9, 2012, mommies went to PMC headquarter to pack the goods that will be given away. This are hygiene care packs containing laundry powders, bath soaps, shampoos, dishwashing liquids and fabric conditioners courtesy from P&G e.Studyante Program. And love packs containing used clothes, instant noodles and cupcakes.

Sad to say I was not able to extend my help because I was busy at work. :(
Then on July 14, 2012 the hygiene care and love packs was distributed to 62 families who are Sendong Victims from Zone 6 and Zone 8, Carmen. And still I was not able to make it.
Kodus to the active mommies who were there and extended their help on the packing and distribution...
Mommy Kayce of A Young Mama’s Journey, Mommy Dharlz of Empowered Mom, Mommy Jess of Jessy’s Adventure, Mommy Jacqs of Rolled Into One, Mommy Ems of Memoirs of Lady Soda and Mommy Phebie of Love’s Haven.
And also thank you to the sponsors and the rest of the members of Pinay Mommies Community worldwide for their donations.

Photos from PMC.

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 5 - CDOBloggers Relief Operation For Typhoon Sendong Victims Part 1

When typhoon Sendong devastated Cagayan de oro the CDObloggers, Inc did our fair share of help also. We help disseminate and relay  important matters that needed attention online. Through social media and blogging we were able to update everyone on the city's current situation, knock on National Media's doors for coverage (because they hardly news feature on any of the national tv because they are busy having Christmas parties) and also raise funds through online donations.

On the 3rd day of Sendong's devastation, I and along with few CDObloggers volunteered at Xavier University. We brought in our un-used and still wearable clothing for donations and then help on packing relief packs.


#HelloDecember #GoodbyeNovember

I'ts now 5:31 in the morning and yes I haven't have any sleep yet. Will hit the sack after Justine will go to school and that's going to be 4 hours after from now.

So what am I busy with while waiting for the time?
Aside from blogging, I'm also writing contact details on the raffle tickets which I bought. This raffle ticket is for the Christmas fund raising for special kids. My aunt, who also has a special daughter, ask me to help sell this tickets a few weeks ago and with the help of my CDOblogger friends all tickets given to me is sold out. However, some was not able fill up the tickets with their details that is why I'm writing for them now. Well, I actually don't mind the important thing is that they bought the tickets. All in all there's 200 tickets I need to finish filling up because my aunt will be picking this tickets later.

In related to this charity topic this coming December 2, 2011 Friday, CDO Bloggers will be having an outreach program at Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan. Incase you want to take part of this good cause feel free to contact any CDObloggers or shoot me a comment below. :)

Cadayunan Primary School Outreach and Feeding Program

Christmas is coming soon as well as the new year. Month of December is really a month of merriment and thanksgiving. This is also the best time to give back from all the blessings you receive the whole year round.

In connection to this CDObloggers organization will be having a Christmas Outreach and Feeding Program at Cadayunan Primary School on December 2, 2011.

Its a new primary school in Sitio Mamboloso, Besigan.

Besigan is 52 kilometers away from the city proper and most of the people in the area are farmers with no regular transportation except dump trucks from the city government to help the people transport their farm products, the resolution cited.
CDObloggers objective is to donate books and other supplementary learning materilas and conduct a feeding activity to the school. The beneficiary is estimated 60 and more students. CDOBloggers members monetary contribution will be Php 300.00 which is P250 for books and other materials, Php 50 for the feeding activity.
If you want to be part of this charity event you can donate any amount. If you're away from Cagayan de Oro you can send donations through Paypal Or you could also optionally donate in kind school materials like books, notebooks, writing and coloring materials, etc. As well as food and drinks for the feeding program. Deadline of contributions is on November 30, 2011.

Checkout CDObloggers blog on this event: