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Goodbye Stargate Dream Vacation Resort!

How was your weekend everyone?

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort is one of our go to place for swimming. Although we have several bad experiences here, we still found ourself heading to this place for a swim. 

What I dont Like:
Expensive pool fee.
Food serve longer.
Costumer service is 4/10.
Swimwear rules is not strictly applied. We've witnessed a few times others swim in tshirt and pants.
Can get crowded on weekends.

What I like:
Very nice ambiance.
Great view of Cagayan de Oro river in the pool area.
Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Instagram-friendly place.
Minutes away from the city.
Buffets on weekends with live bands.
Options to grill your own food.
They serve delicious mango float... :P

Lately though we dont go for a swim at this resort anymore because the last time we went for a swim they restricted the swimming pool. Its no loner available for individual walk-ins, only for a minimum group of 10 unless we will pay Php 2, 500.00 (which is the total fee of 10 people). Thus, this post title... me bidding goodbye to one of my go-to swimming place.  

Here's a photo of our last swim at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort...


Relaxing at Chali Beach Resort

How was your weekend so far? Friday is a holiday here in the Philippines.
"The Philippine National Government already declared July 17, 2015 as a Regular Holiday nationwide as Filipino Muslims prepare for the celebration of Eid’l Fitr, the feast marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan."
Me and my girl friends spent the holiday at Chali Beach Resort. Technically we planned for a swim but we ended just relaxing and had a fun chitchat. We weren't able to swim because the kids who swim before us carelessly pooped on the pool that the resort had to clean the pool, so the pool will be unavailable for 4 hours.
Parents should be mindful when their kids are using public pools. They should not just leave them there alone and should teach their kids for some good etiquette. The kids are swimming alone and no adult was watching over them except for the resorts lifeguard.
I was so excited to swim pa naman sana... but I guess what happened was a blessing in disguise because it would be harmful for us swimming on a dirty pool.
Good thing the resort has a nice view and ambiance. The wind from the sea is so relaxing that we didnt mind that our plan for a swim didn't push through. 

Here's some snapshots of Chali Beach Resort that I took...

My pretty friends enjoying a good chitchat while im busy taking photos... ;)

I like that they have this buzzer everytime you need to order or need a service from the the waiters. They're also very prompt in responding after you push the button. My friend really had a good time pushing that button... :D

My friend is a pasta lover so she ordered this pasta but she didnt enjoy this pasta though....

I ordered this Fruit Platter at Php 145.00. It taste good except for the watermelon, but way too expensive.

The beautiful sunset view by the beach.... Standing here while taking pictures makes me reminisce of old times.
My mom use to stay at my aunts house which just in the neighborhood of this resort. So we use to swim on part of this beach (in the photo below). In this beach, I had my first beach swimming where I cried out of fear. I even had a picture of it with my aunt. I was so young then...
I also remember how we use to crossed in that dikes just to swim here in the resort's beach for free. I have a relative who is a caretaker of a private property next to this resort, so we use to enter there and then swim to this resorts beach with our picnic basket swimming with us. hahaha

My memories in this resort didn't stop there... This used to be a playground before when this cottages has not been built yet. My aunts, little cousins and me used to visit here in the afternoon and play. My cousins learned how to walk here because the grass area was so wide and I had fun playing at the playground.

In this resort also was where one of my aunt had her wedding reception held. I remember after wedding, I run around still in my flower girl gown and then fell in the pool. I don't know how to swim so my uncle, the groom, had to rush in and jump in the pool in his tuxedo to save me... I was that clumsy... ^_^ It was a good memory though because everyone ended swimming in the pool after...

Those were the days... I had a great trip down memory lane in Chali Beach Resort. I didn't notice I spent so many good memories here. Its good to have visited this place once again. :)

Address: Zone 3, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental
Phone: (08822) 732840

Swimming at Marco Hotel

Another swimming weekend with my girlfriends... This time we picked Marco Hotel's swimming pool. Marco Hotel is a place to be for sports minded people. They have a sports complex which offers indoor tennis court, badminton court, table tennis and rock climbing. Marco Hotel swimming pools varies from kids, regular adults, sports, and Jacuzzi with the fee of 100.00 pesos person.

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Lately, swimming has been our ultimate bonding and stress relief from the toxic virtual job. I also took this opportunity to learn more and practice swimming specially that my mermaid swim has improved. Yes! Im so proud and trying-hard on that mermaid swim. ^_^

Top: Basic House | Maxi Skirt: Denise

Location: Alwana Business Park, Claro M. Recto Ave, Cagayan de Oro 9000, Philippines
Phone: (8822) 732542