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What I Wore | Off-Shoulder Top & Maxi Skirt

Happy Sunday everyone! Here's my latest outfit post...
It's supposed to be rainy season during this month here in our country but it still feels like summer hasn't end yet in our city. Some parts of the country are actually experiencing storms already yet here in our city its very hot. It maybe cloudy at times but it never rains and the air is so warm that makes you sweaty and irritable.
In my previous blog wrote about me and my friends relaxing at Chali Beach Resort. Here's my outfit for that day. Since the day calls for relaxing. I opted for something comfy bohemian outfit.
How was the weather in your place?

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What I Wore| White Dress & Mid-Calf Boots

Blogged earlier on Zee and Aya's wedding... Here's what I wore on that day.
The themed of the wedding was bohemian. And the motiff is green and champagne. 

The bride requested for a non-white dress for guest on the last minute. However, Dee and I just arrived from our Bohol escape and we dont have much time to shop for something green bohemian outfit. You know girls... need atleast weeks, or worst, months to prepare for something to wear on special occasions. ^_^
So we both ended wearing white dresses. I  settled for my white dress with lace and crochet details. Not bad since its so boho! This is what I originally plan to wear until the bride's request... that is. I was able to spot this green vest so I added it up to atleast have something green on my outfit. I actually taught of it as clever thing... but still the bride was still upset on me and Dee's as well as Risa's major white outfits weeks after the wedding. (facepalm) hahaha Sorry again Zee!

I owned this dress in awhile and I had only worn it once. I bought it at a thrifted shop. Talking about being a hunter. ;)
The mid-calf boots is my latest addition to my boots babies. It arrive last month, ordered it online.

Headdress - Local Shop: Aizilym
Butterfly Bracelet - Local Shop: Aizilym
Beads-Heart Bracelet - Knick-Knacks
Green Vest - Thrifted Shop
White Dress - Thrifted Shop
Boots -

What I Wore | Boho Chic

I dont know when it started... but all I know is that I love bohemian fashion. From boots to flats, to maxi skirts, sheer pants, flowy and floral dresses... I just love romantic combination of vintage and modern styles. You can express yourself with affordable accessories and details. And since I like to be different and into exotic accessories boho fashion styles make feel comfortable and free every time im wearing one.

What I Wore | Floral Maxi Dress

I finally got the chance to wear this beautiful floral maxi dress that I got from I attended 2 events that day and the latter event requires formal wear. I opted for this maxi dress because it can be worn on both, casual and formal events.

In the first event I attended, it's a celebration of CDOBloggers 6th anniversary. I just added a denim coat to achieve that casual look.

For the second event, its the launching of SM City CDO Christmas centerpiece. This time I took off the denim coat. I originally plan to wear blue heels, but then decided to change into those blue flats because I’ve learned my lessons well when attending launching events… It takes a lot of walking and standing! I surely won't last long in heels. 
Flats may not be appropriate for formal events but when I and my blogger friends arrived at the event proper, some others even wore casual outfits. My blue flats were saved! XD

Dress |
Denim Coat | Thrifted Shop
Watch |
Bracelets & Rings | Local Shop
Bag | Ororama Supercenter
Flats | Ororama Supercenter

Romwe Ethnic Season

Romwe Ethnic Season
I just saw this ethnic season collection of Romwe and I can't just let it pass by without sharing to you all. :)

I just done online shopping at last week and its so pity that this collection just launched now. Arggh! Will gonna have to wait for my next online shopping budget to arrive, so for now I'll just share my wishlist on this Romwe ethnic season collection. Hopefully, I could wear this trendy pieces soon.

Asymmetric Swing Chiffon Skirt
ROMWE Loose Wide-Collar Knitted Top
ROMWE Aztec Sleeveless Jacket
ROMWE Lace-trimmed Off Shoulders White Top
Romwe Brown Strappy Sandals
Romwe Alligator Feather Bag
Romwe Dual-color Fur Silver Bag

Bohemian Dresses

Hello Goddesses!  Lately, I'm inlove with Bohemian fashion style. I was browsing for some outfit ideas and the lucky me bump into an online shop that offer affordable clothing, I signed up in an instant after picking several items that I like. When They have a wishlist option that I have added lots of dresses and shoes. I do hope my budget will permit me to buy all of it soon. (Im such a shopengera!)$_$

Will try to post my own Bohemian look but for now let me share to you the Bohemian dresses that I like.

Bohemian Layering Flouncing Totem Beige Chiffon Mini Dress
Bohemian Fashion