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#BeautyChitchats: Myra Facial Wash

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!
For today's post will be sharing a new beauty product I just tried. 
I always appreciate and get so excited when I received gifts like this because its a chance for me to try and test new products.
Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash has Moisture Plus formula that retains and seals in skin’s natural moisture, keeping it hydrated and more supple. Contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract that improves skin elasticity and helps keep it smooth and young-looking 
Myra VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash has Biowhite Complex which is derived from plant extracts that gently whitens skin. And has Niacinamide that evens out skin tone by reducing red blotches to make skin more radiant. 
What's great about the Myra Facial Wash is that the packaging is in easy to squeeze tube. And the expiration date is very visible at the back which secures you that the product is safe to use. 
I have tried using both products and here's what I can say...

Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash
Has a fresh and mild scent. 
Has a foamy consistency.
My skin feels smooth when putting it on your face. It doesnt have the sticky feeling which other facials does.
My skin feels so fresh and soft after using it. That obviously makes me love this facial wash and will surely buy this next time!  

Myra VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash
Has a mild fruity scent.
Has a foamy consistency.
This probably is recommended for oily skins because my face feels very dry after using it.
I haven't tried VitaWhite's whitening effect because I prefer to continuously use the VitaSmooth. 

Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash and VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash are available at all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

The Lipstick For Me!

During my fabulous day at the Etude House Centrio Mall opening I have mentioned that I found the perfect lip color for my lips. I was not able to buy it actually because I was in a hurry that time. So when I pass by at Etude House in Mall of Asia, during my Manila escape, I didn't miss the chance to buy a lipstick at Etude House. And my cousin also shop for her own make-ups...

Here's what we shop:
  • Look At My Lips  (328.00)
  • Sweet Nail Sticker (178.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (478.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Cheek (548.00)
  • Proof 10 Liquid Liner (498.00) 
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash)(198.00)
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Petticoat)(198.00)
We also received a freebie from our purchase! Since we reached the amount of Php 2000 we got the pink water container and we also received a Pepero in celebration of Pepero Day in Korea.
The lipstick I bought is the Look At My Lips pink and here is how it look...
Me wearing the Look At My Lips pink lipstick without flash...
And here's another picture of me wearing the lipstick with flash.

What I like about the lipstick is that it match perfectly on any make-ups Im wearing. I also like that it easily spread evenly on the lips without using a lip brush. It also last longer. One thing I also worry when buying lipsticks is that I usually have problems with chapped lips after wearing it, good thing with this lipstick so far I haven't experience it.

Fabulous Day At The Etude House Centrio Mall Opening

I have been blogging my excitement on Etude House Opening 2 branches in Cagayan de Oro City. And my fairy godmother must be reading at my blog that she grant me an invitation to Etude House Centio Mall opening. Lol
Yes! You heard it right folks. Happiness all over when I was given a chance to explore Etude House Centrio Mall as I please. :D
However, it seems that excitement was not visible on the day of the tour actually because I came late. I was actually early at the mall but I was in company with my cousin and her fiancee. Anyways, it was funny when I got inside. I was like a kid staring at so many toys infront of me that im having hard time to choose which items to test first. Lol

Etude House had the store close coz they exclusively cater us bloggers inside. Here's a pic of fellow bloggers trying out eye make-ups...
Miss Donna Gonzales demonstrating the BB cream applicator.
After Miss Donna's demonstration on BB Cream applicator now im dying to have one also. Its such a handy tool coz it helps you evenly distribute liquid foundation in your face and at the same time massage it.
Here are the list of Etude's recommended products...

  • Wonder Pore Freshner
  • Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist
  • Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream
  • Total Age Repair – Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream
  • BB Dation (Precious mineral special kit)
  • Color my brows
  • Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara
  • Mascara Remover
  • AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
I actually felt a bit awkward attending the opening of Etude House Centrio. It's because I was busy and was in a hurry when I left home that day that I didn't have time to put on make up on my face. Well, it turns out perfect because Ladysoda went on and gave me a test make-up with Etude products...
So lets start with my bare face... ;)
We then tried the BB Cream with the applicator. At first I got a tickling feeling but as I got used to it, it feels good on the face already.
Putting on the eye make-up now...
And then finally we are done! Taddddaaa... Whatchatink?
Thanks a lot to Ladysoda for making me look fab and also for the tips she gave me while we were having our make-up session.
And also thanks to Etude House I found the perfect lip color for my lips. Ah I love it very much!
Here's a picture of Northmin Bloggers with Miss Donna Gonzales, the operations manager of Etude House.
Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! ;)

Etude House In CDO Finally!

I have already mention a few times here that im addicted to anything Korean right? Well, here's a good news to me and to my fellow kikay Kagay-nons...
I am just happy right now coz Etude House will be opening 2 branches here in Cagayan de Oro. I first saw the tarp the other day at SM City CDO when me and my son went strolling. I immediately took a photo of it and share it on my instagram.

The next day I learned that Etude House will also be opening a branch at the soon-to-open Centrio Mall. Wow! What a treat! Definitely happiness to the max... Firstly, I can finally buy there product straight from the shop and not just online. Second, I will no longer wait that long since on November 9, 2012 along with Centrio Mall opening Etude House will also open there shop. SM City CDO branch has no opening date yet. And third, well Centrio is just a few minutes away (not to mention 1 ride only) from our place.
Yay! Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! ;)

The Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation

Just recently, I got interested in wearing light or just the natural everyday make-up that is not so thick but just for a natural which is perfect for everyday look. And from what I have watch on some online video tutorials, I learn that using liquid foundations is the trick for a all-day lasting make-up freshness and soft skin look.
So when a friend of mine traveled to Olongapo City for work, I asked favor to buy me a liquid foundation at The Face Shop since they don't have a branch here in Cagayan de Oro.
Wonder why from The Face Shop specifically? Will simply because I'm a self confess anything-Korean addict and it's what inspires me to put on make-up. :D

I was actually interested on the BB  cream liquid foundation but instead my friend bought this Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation. At Php 395.00, it turns out a great buy! I like that its not greasy and so far my skin didn't get pimples after using.. Its one reason I don't usually put anything on my face because some products I used in the past gave me pimple after using. Aside from that it also smell good and really makes your skin feels so smooth. 
Last Wednesday, I had a pictorial and that's where I first wear the Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation. Here's how it look right after putting it on with a light a make-up on...
The below is how I look after the 5 hours pictorial... Amazing right? I bet if I used the foundation powder it will no longer look like this smooth but rather dry and make-up fading already. And I would more likely do some retouch from time to time but instead with the liquid foundation I just had lipgloss retouch and that's it.
I know my face kinda look different from the first picture though its because of my eyebrow. I actually ask help at the studio because I don't know how to shape my eyebrow. Hopefully will learn on that soon too. Anyone willing to teach me? :D
Anyways, I haven't receive copies of my pictorials yet but will surely share it here when I have them. Im excited already!

Thanks Ati Bang for choosing this product for me!

Does Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator Work?

Interested in Luminaze and asking does it really works? Even with no customer reviews featured on there official website, other retailers website showcase amazing product result testimonials. It can be a bit challenging in terms of the cost but it provides noticeable results which can be awaited in as soon as 1 week. Most costumers prefer Luminaze to use on their skin because it evens out marks of hyper skin discoloration as well as the product has a non-greasy formula that doesn't contain Hydroquinone.
Recently Luminaze has been carrying out headlines in the women’s beauty industry for being among the most effective and skin friendly cosmetics. The main strategies of Luminaze’s good results is based on being able to produce a top quality cosmetics in which equally nourishes and beautifies the skin. Its demand has simply improved as time passes as many of the reputable skin experts, together with famous celebrities just like actress Andie MacDowell and actress/model Olivia Wilde have taken advantage of its awesome solution.
You can find numerous appealing skin lightening products available in the market today that you can use to help make complexion seem lighter even more youghtful. One must always think about all of the corresponding features of any skin lightener in the manner of that particular product’s special components. An excellent skin liightener will have to be designed by means of ingredients that relate provides lightening complexion, an ingredient which could also reduce the visibility of freckles and also sun spots. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the products and manufacturer.

My First Mani and Pedi of the Year!

The title was supposed to be my last mani and pedi of the year but due to a busy days last December I was not able to treat myself for a mani and pedi before welcoming the new year. However thats alright because nothing compare to the feeling that I have a fulfilling reason to end my 2011 with a bang. Along with my CDObloggers group we distributed media noche packs for affected families of typhoon Sendong... We finished already late that I had to hurry to prepare for our media noche at home that I didn't have time to go to the salon and treat myself a beauty treat. And so instead I started my year with mani and pedi first on the list of my to-do's.

Nikki Salon & Spa... This is the 4th Salon Ive been today until I finally had my nails clean. A lot of Salon has no manicurista available and some had manpower shortage that you need to wait for long until your turn. They say most of there manicurista are still on vacation and others are coping up because they are flooded.
Since its a new manicurista, I got myself wounded. This often happens when I had a manicurista cleaning my finger nails. Such a sensitive fingers!
I pick out the apple green nail polish for my hand because they say its the color of the year... ;)

See that one below? That's because my feet haven't been clean for 2-3 weeks, I think. The home service manicurista haven't drop by the house followed by days coping up with sendong wrath and also got sick. Infairness I like the way she clean my toe nails.