How I Started Working From Home

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Since a lot has been asking about my work. I'm gonna post it here in my blog so I can I just send this link if anyone ask in the future. 

What's my work...

I've been a freelance virtual admin assistant since 2010 but I started working in online business since 2008. To mention a few of my responsibilities... I help my clients in managing and organizing their business, setup and maintenance of their website, email marketing management, developing marketing plan for their business, managing their social media networks, and other administrative task.

How I started... 

Before I work in a online business I was struggling to find a job. I have work as fastfood cashier, department store cashier, waitress, secretary of a small office with a salary that is not enough to pay for bills, food, and other expenses for a family of three. So during break time of my secretarial job, I have to walk around the city checking on establishments that posted Job Hiring. Submitted my resume and praying for a call for an interview. Until a friend recommended me to apply at the outsourcing company that she is currently working. 

I started working online last December 2008. I was hired by a local outsourcing company here in our city. It's not a work from home, so I report to the office from 8 AM to 5PM on weekdays. I was assigned in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team. My main task back then is doing backlinks for the websites of our foreign clienteles through forum posting. So I research forums, sign-up, participate in a discussion and then post the clients website. I also do blog commenting. I search some related blogs and then post comments with the clients website attached to my comment. It might sound easy, but no you have a quota on how many forums post and comments to make.

Then as months passed, social media was added to my task. For the first time I joined Facebook. I added random foreigners to my friend list to invite them to like the clients Facebook pages. Yes, that's how we do it back then. 😁

I also create accounts on other social networking sites. We were encourage to use our personal profile promoting our clienteles blogs and websites. This is the reason I have so many accounts in almost all social networking.

I also do social bookmarking task. I don't know if this websites still exist, but I do know Reddit is still very active now.

January of 2010, I nervously ventured on freelancing while I am still working at the office. After my office work I go to a friends internet cafe to work for my own client because I don't have a PC or laptop then. I've search for online job hiring at and thats how I find my first client who is from the United States. Im working during his day time which is night time for me, 6PM - 1 AM. The best thing of my first client is that he is okay with me still learning on the task. So most of my work back then is 50% training and 50% implementation. His business was my training ground on Wordpress and hosting. From setting up several websites from scratch, managing the hosting, maintenance of the website, adding content. 

After 2 months of working from him I  was able to buy my own laptop. All my hardwork paid off, I no longer need to work long hours at the internet cafe and came home late. For a single mom, it was a blessing I have my mom who take care of my kid while I was out the whole day making a living for us. 

But at this time as well, the local office I'm working with has some internal trouble with pioneering employees, so I quit. As the cliche quote from Alexander Graham Bell goes... When one door closes, another one opens

My work from home journey started.

While I am still working with my first client I found my second client who is from the Switzerland. My second client gave me laptop when I started working for him and he paid for my monthly internet bill for the first year. He was so happy that I am so eager and interested to learn something new in the online business so he enrolled me into so many trainings. He even buy software and tools to expand my knowledge. And that's how I learn image editing and video editing. His business has been my training ground for marketingand project management. Experimenting on video marketing, social media, and more. In His company I learn to create project and marketing proposals. To understand clients and to learn the ability to make client understand the project even if he isn't technology-knowledgeable person.

Until now, I am still using the PC that my second client bought me back  then when the laptop can  no longer support the image and video editing task that I was working on. I just did some upgrades on it last year. 

Both clients was a blessing because they have help me a lot in building my confidence in freelancing, honing my skills, letting me test and learned new software and tools, and provided me with lots of support to start freelance business easily. 

Where to look for online jobs?

From my experience, I found most of my clients from (I recommend for beginners VA) and Virtual Staff Finder Careers (recommended for advance VA).

I have a friend who also work from home and she mostly get clients from

I hope this will help you in starting a work from home career too. Best luck on your journey, have more patience and willingness to learn. You'll surely go a long way.   

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  1. I always love reading about other people's work life. I work in healthcare in my full time job, so there is no way for me to work from home. I love the sound of it though, the freedom of hours!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  2. I've been working from home for over a year now during the pandemic and I like it SO MUCH better than working in an office!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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