What I Wore | Rolled Sleeve Tunics, Shorts & Gladiator Sandals

Hello everyone! How was your week so far?
Today I'm sharing an outfit that I wore on a casual first-date-of-the-year of my girl friends. 
Lets start with my sandal whom I have already mention in my previous post. Expect more of me wearing this gladiator sandal in the coming outfits. I am, obviously, inlove with it! ^_^ 
StyleArt.com sent me this rolled sleeve tunics I am wearing. The cloth is cotton, its soft but its very light or should I say thin. Nonetheless, its perfect for the hot weather we are having.

Style Art is a universal platform made particularly for people who are passionate about design, creativity and freedom of expression. They are the go-to place for anyone looking to create (and sell) their own unique t-shirts, tops, shoes, and accessories. And it doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner designer or a more advanced one. They welcome all creative minds!
How does Style Art work?
You create designs, upload them and then publish them to their website. At the end of each month, you earn AT LEAST 20% commission of each sale made with your unique design. It’s that simple! 

Rolled Sleeve Tunics - Styleart.com
Gladiator Knee Flat Sandals - Yoins.com