Wishlist: Stylish Cardigans

Hi Everyone!
Today Im sharing my cardigan craze. 
Though its super hot during the day here in our city I always make sure I bring cardigans in my bag. This is the reason I always have a bulky bag! >.<
I am not so good at dealing with cold air. So even if its not raining but Im inside an air conditioned place/venue I immediately wear my cardigans to protect me. I also wear cardigans when Im still out during the night. Too much exposure to cold air will eventually gave me headache or worst not feeling well. 
Could it be signs of aging? hahaha I dont know. All I know is that I find comfort wearing cardigans when it gets to much cold or windy. 
I am actually shopping online for some new cardigans to add in my closet.  And I found some stylish and great finds at Newchic.com. Since I cant buy them all at once, Im sharing my top picks or should I say wishlist here in my blog.  

Do you like wearing cardigans? 
Any picks from the cardigans Ive shared above?

Pattern Fringe Shawl Scarf sku171342