What I Wore | Long-Sleeve Top, Skirt, Boots & Denim Jacket

Happy Midweek!
Today Im sharing my outfit from last Saturday's Snoe Selfie Beauty Makeup Workshop.
After the workshop I went out with my girlfriends for a movie #Saturdate. I apologize for the faded make-up because I almost forgot to take an outfit shot. So this happens while waiting for our super late dinner.
Im wearing a long-sleeve top, skirt, boots and a denim jacket. I really like wearing this type of long-sleeves which I bought from Chili Girl Boutique because its not thick so if weather suddenly changes I wont suffer from it.
Finally rain is here!
Was actually puzzled by the news because it says El NiƱo is happening this month but rainy season has yet started here in our city... 
Anyways, I am very glad and thankful that rainy days are finally here because the hot weather is so driving me crazy...