Kasalan 2015 Fashion Show

Fabulous Wednesday everyone! How was midweek so far?
Today Im sharing some of my favorite styles at the Kasalan 2015 Fashion Show that happened just last weekend. I didnt actually witness this fashion show but got a glimpse of the beautiful collections that was showcase in the fashion show through a photographer friend in Facebook.
Kenneth Anito's styles are so edgy and modern. I really love it! If im going to wear his collection I probably feel like I run the world. :D
On the other hand, I like Zoe Botwin's tame sexiness style. Talking about love affair with floral, high-lows and maxi skirts that definitely attracts me immediately... 
What I like on designer Mark Magallanes gown is that its simple and elegant looking. I also love the details on the gown.
What do you think of this styles?  Do you have any fave among them?

MACDO model Kissy for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Lowella for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Ella for Kenneth Anito
MACDO model Alexa for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Eria for Zoe Botwin

MACDO models Mary, Kate & Rap for Zoe Botwin
Keena Streegan Dacubor in John Mark Magallanes gown

Photo Credits to Rich Neri Concepcion