August Wishlist

Hello Monday!
Fresh start of the week... I had a productive start so far. Im so glad I was able to woke up early nad had chance for a short walking exercise while accomplishing some errands. 
Actually, today is my first day at my new virtual job. One of the reason I woke up early besides kiddo's first day of examination. 
I just dont know why I am so excited and energize for this new job. I am hoping though that I'll go full time the soonest. ^_^ 
The first day went great. I enjoyed the task at hand. My lady bosses are full of energy and all smiles always. 
On the other hand, Dresslink offered me to browse on their website. I found lots of affordable fashion faves and so I created my own wishlist, hence, what you see in the photo above. I am looking forward to own and wear the following wishlist items. I have been wanting them quite some time now and Im so glad to found it at Dresslink at a very affordable price. I shall purchase this soon!
How was the start of the week for you?
Have you tried purchasing at too? Would love to hear some feedback.