#OOTD: Globe Telecom Appreciation Party

  • Saturday, January 12, 2013
  • By Venus Gal

OOTD - Globe Party (7)

It was raining on that day so I opted for an outfit that will keep me warm. Coz I was in a hurry I play safe and grab the jeans my mom gave me. A lot of my friends actually reacted coz I dont really wear jeans specially in parties. Well blame the weather that I woke up late and already in a hurry that I don't have to think what skirts or dress to wear.

OOTD - Globe Party (4)

OOTD - Globe Party (5)

OOTD - Globe Party (6)

This jacket is from Korea which is one of my fave. I don't know what's with furs that I like it so much.

OOTD - Globe Party (3)

OOTD - Globe Party (2)

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