iPhone 3GS Wallet Leather Flip Case Cover

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After several months of looking I finally gave in and purchase an iPhone 4 4S 3GS Wallet Leather Flip Case Cover on Ebay. The item is sold for US $3.65 and with additional US $0.50 shipping fee here in the Philippines. Since the price is not expensive I ordered one for my iPhone. There are 9 colors available; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Peach, Pink, Mustard and Purple. I've chosen my favorite color blue which was a bad choice for me. Its because after several times using it the leather case catches dirt and dust of which can easily spotted on the blue part. Thats on the inside though the outside cover is in black leather.

My phone fits perfectly on it. Its also handy that it had 3 card pockets but you cant stuff in all 3 cards because it will already bulky and the other card will no longer fit in. Anyway, that's a minor issue what Im after is that a safe cover for my phone coz I tend to be clumsy. What I also like with flip covers is that the front screen is also covered so if accidentally drop I wont worry. As well as I will not worry for scratch on the screen when I place it in my bag.

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