Unexpected Blessing

Just a few minutes ago I opened my Yahoomail to recover a password of my Twitter account. I rarely checked this email, only times like this that I need to log to recover/change a password on the social networks that is associated with this account. So since Im already log-in after the verification process in Twitter, I go on and checked emails one-by-one and delete those are not important. As I progress reading through and deleting 1 email caught my full attention and I actually read it a few times before I went checked my other Paypal account. I received a payment on one of the affiliate websites I sign-up before. I never really give much attention to it and after installing the banner on one of my blog (of which I rarely update) I just left it and never monitored. Imagine my surprise receiving an amount of which is really a big help for me now since boss has not sent salary yet. And I had so many bills waiting for me to pay. Wheew!
God indeed never leaves me alone. He never fails to remind me to be patient with everything, to always hope for the best and to be always thankful of what I have right now. Surprises will come on the right time... in the right place, just like today! :)
Thank you God! I was so surprised that I got so emotional. I am amazed at God's grace even if this isn't the first time that He has helped and blessed me specially in times when I want to break down.

I was listening to my Emotera Playlist in Youtube that on a perfect timing the song "I Know You're Not Alone" by Sweetbox played.