Reality check: Working Individual vs Inday!

This is circulating online specifically in Facebook. Looking at the comparison table above it made wanna jump unto getting Inday's job. :D Added to fact that house help or Yaya jobs is the most in demand position nowadays even I myself is hiring for someone to help me look after my kiddo. Hiring "Inday's" position is getting harder each day because of so many reasons like; How much is the salary going to be? Is your house complete with appliance (which would make work easier)? Age of kids they would take care. And many other questions that would give Inday an idea what her  life would be working in your house. And if your not lucky some "Inday's" are pain in the neck specially the younger one's because they tend to have lots of issues; elope with boyfriend, poor hygiene, lazy that boss needs to follow every move/work and worst would be a thief. However, don't lose hope because there are still good people who serve their boss with tender-loving-care. This is one of the reasons Filipinos are in-demand domestic helpers in foreign countries. :)
On the other hand, I still prefer to have the job I have now. Working on something which you are passionate about is more fulfilling and fun. Though we cannot avoid struggles, stress and tough responsibilities, but this things makes life challenging and gives color to our life. It's all about passion and perseverance.