Blessed Monday

Yesterday, my boss just decided for a changes on work monitoring. Effective that day we will no longer use Odesk for compensation and work monitoring. Wheeew! What a relief... However, I should make my presence felt everyday by email some work updates or perhaps just to even say I wont be working bcoz I dont feel like working - according to my boss...hahaha My boss really said that, he said he just want to get a picture of what i've been working on since he is paying me anyway. That's kinda light up my Monday afternoon.

And then next to that went to Mhai's place paid my dues and yet again got a new big blue kikay bag. I'm not actually going to buy it since the bag I've been wanting to buy has been sold but not until Mhai said I could use it to carry my lappy. :D

After Mhai's place went to Tapsi Time in Pabayo street to bought tinolang Malasugui, my mom's craving for it. This has been my mom's constant request when I ask what's for dinner, she would instantly answer "tinolang Malasugui lang Beng katong imong ginapalit gani".

And ofcourse my little guy will not be happy if I didn't buy any food for him. So instead of buying Jollibee or Mcdonald kiddie/happy meals went to Dunkin Donuts bought a dozen donut and then availed on the Php 20 Dunkin Donuts glass promo. And just as I thought, when I arrived Justine love the glass and wants to use it already as well as munch on almost half of the donuts. ;)