My Gratifying Year 2010!

2010 has been both challenging and gratifying year for me. This year I have made life changing decisions and also had a few big investments. I could say it’s a mixed of ups and downs, mishaps and success but the most important is I have lots of precious moments which I could cherish in the future... In this year also I have had a series of learning experience both in life as well as in work. I could say that I've grown more mature because of the series of things happen to me this year. When it comes to work; well it was a big decision going freelance since I am the bread winner of my family. However, that decision was great so far since when I started working freelance with 2 foreign bosses I have learn a lot and discovered a lot of potential things I could possibly do. (Though I just need to keep on learning and enhance it more). Not to mention the great wage and bonuses.
So for the year 2011 I’ll be looking forward for more success and gratifying experiences. As well as a love life too… :P