As I was checking my old stuffs that I kept in a box I saw this letter that Teddy Bear gave to me. It was a simple Christmas letter with a message and poem attached in it. The poem is written by Teddy Bear (Cecilia Cagape) dedicated to Tweety (Marie Ann Amarille) and Bugs Bunny (me) dated December 17, 1999.


Friends are so wonderful
They makes my day beautiful
When I'm lonely...
They are there to comfort me.

They are special
They are not artificial
But best friends are more special
Because they makes my life more normal.

Whenever I feel sad
They will not make me feel bad
Instead, they find a way
to make me feel not dismay.

Even we made our self cry
We still do the best we
We try and hoping not to fight
Because we're afraid to lose our friendship like a candle light.

They are always there
Ready to help me so desr
They take away my loneliness
And pour my heart with happiness.

In them, I found the real meaning of a true friendship
It is more than a relationship
Which no one can break, even a spaceship.

Because of them, My life seems enjoyable
Without them, It would be questionable
So Thank you Lord for Having them
As my wonderful Bestfriends.