CDOBloggers 10 Ways to Recover from a Stressful Week!

Monday, June 22, 2009


This list is inspired from the things we did the other day to de-stress and disconnect from the online world. 

1. Conference with friends at Yahoo Messenger, and pour everything out.

2. Invite friends to go out and paint the town red.


3. Buy 2kls mango. Eat something sour to forget the stress. 


4. Have dinner at Night Cafe with friends.

 5. Meet fellow plurkers.

 6. Pick-up some friends at there house and invite to go out.

7. Chat and laugh your heart out while on the road trip.

8. Drop by Panagatan and enjoy the night view.

9. Take an evening walk at Yasay Beach.

 10. Eat balut paired with coke!

 Check out more photos at Chiq Montes Flickr.

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