Korean Drama: Fashion King

Fashion King

Done watching Fashion King last week and I really cant get over the ending. There are some parts of the drama that I was not satisfied and then adding to the fact that the ending left you a lot of questions and disappointments. :(

I wont explain the story in details though so you will also watch it, but for the benefit those who are curious about the drama I will give an overview.... The story of Fashion King revolves around the world of fashion designers, from start-ups in the Dongdaemun area of Seoul onto world class designers. It's about a young designer who is so passionate in designing clothes. She is dreaming in making it big in the fashion industry after studying at the famous fashion school in New York and so she applied for an scholarship. However, her dreams was put to a lot of misfortunes because of her foster family and meeting 2 men who both help her fulfill her dreams and made her life more complicated.

Main Characters:

  • Yoo Ah-In as Kang Young-Gul

  • Shin Se-Kyung as Lee Ga-Young

  • Lee Je-Hoon as Jung Jae-Hyuk

  • Yuri (Girls Generation) as Choi An-Na

Interestingly, American fashion designer Tory Burch made a cameo in the drama. In the episode, Burch plays a fashion school dean alongside actresses Sin Se-kyung and Han Yoo-i.

Fashion King - Tory Burch
In the drama, the fashion boutique where the heroine Lee Ka Young (Shin Se Kyung) is working is in fact the flagship store of Tory Burch brand in Seoul, South Korea. The spacious two storey store looks even more bright and transparent with the decorations of floor to ceiling windows, wall mirror and transparent acrylic device. Chandeliers decorated with gold, moss-green carpet, white sofa and etc, a variety of fine decorations which are all full of brand elements reveals the modern luxury, and the pursuit of fine living. The drama also opens the curtain on the legend of fashion through the orange lacquer door of the store. ~ DramaHaven

In the photo below Yoo Ah-In wore the Bird of Paradise shirt from Givenchy Spring Summer 2012.

fashion king givenchy collection

Here are some of some Yoo Ah-In's fashion that I like in the drama...

Fashion King Yoo Ah-In3 Fashion King Yoo Ah-In

Fashion King Yoo Ah-In1 Fashion King Yoo Ah-In2

Fashion King Yoo Ah-In4

Now lets go to Shin Se-Kyung's fashion style in the drama...

Fashion King Shin Se-Kyung Fashion King Shin Se-Kyung1

Fashion King Shin Se-Kyung2

I love this outfit of her specially the ombre top and Suecomma Bonnie Peep Toe Ankle White Boots.

Shin Se-Kyung

And here is the dashing Lee Je-Hoon. His usual get-up in the drama is tuxedo or formal evening suit.

Lee Je-Hoon

Girls Generation Yuri played as Choi An-Na...

Fashion King Yuri - Lee Je Hoon Fashion King Yuri3

Fashion King Yuri2 Fashion King Yuri1

I love this dress a lot! <3
Girls Generation Yuri

Han Yoo-Yi also casted as Shin Jung-Ah who envies Lee Ga-Young in the drama, but here's a behind the scene photo of Shin Se-Kyung and Han Yoo-Yi fiercely posing with their outfits.

fashiong_King  fashiong_King4