Korean Drama: Bel Ami (Pretty Man)

Bel Ami -Pretty Boy

Just finished watching Bel Ami. When this drama was announce I was excited because Jang Geunsuk and yes lame but I guess I havent really IU's drama's. I really though it's going to be exciting but then again ratings of this drama are dropping low. Just a few days ago, I told a friend, Im planing to watch Bel Ami she said she is having second thoughts of watching this drama because a lot of people said its not interesting.

Nonetheless, I still go on and watch the drama. Thank God I did! The drama is not bad after all. I actually find the drama interesting. I usually skip scenes when I find it boring but on this drama I didnt get to skip much because I feel every scenes must not be missed. The story is a must watch on this drama.

Why low ratings?

I do figure out the reason why the drama gain low viewers rating, this is because of the cast. Jang Geunsuk and IU has no chemistry. IU may have played her character well but I really dont see any romantic chemistry with her and Jang Geunsuk even with Lee Jangwoo. I dont even smile and shiver when lead characters has some romantic interactions and lines nor get hurt when characters are broken hearted. I just dont see the connection of each characters. I have seen a lot of drama's of Jang Geunsuk and even if I dont like the female lead cast I was able to watch to the end because the romantic interaction is there.


Main Cast

Jang Geun-suk as Dokgo Ma Te

A man who discovered as early as kindergarten that he was prettier than most and could get special treatment because of it. As he grow old he made use of his beauty to get what he wanted. Until one day his mom passed away and left him with shuttered dreams for his mom and the true identity of his father.

IU as Kim Bo Tong
The average girl from Ma Te's neighborhood who is madly crushing on Ma Te since junior high. Bo Tong is very close with Ma Te's mom and when she passed away she helps Ma Te a lot so that he can succeed.

Lee Jang-woo as David Choi
The young, friendly Marketing Director who falls for Bo Tong and always helps her out.

Han Chae-young as Hong Yoo Ra
The glamorous, successful woman who introduced herself as Ma Te's  ex sister in-law. She know's Ma Te secret identity and will help him create his own business for him to meet his father. Han Chae-young will also gave him the guide of woman he needs to conquer to survive the business competition and corporate lifestyle.

Have you seen this drama?