A Place Called Mine

Hello Monday!

What was your dream house when you we're a kid?

 Mine was a 2-story house because I was dreaming of having a big family. So everyone can have their own rooms. And then it should have a beautiful kitchen, swimming pool and a garden. 

However, this change when I grow up... 

I now wanted a simple 1-story house. I still want it to have a garden in it though... One of the reason that change my mind perhaps is that I'm now afraid of big houses. Blame it to the horror movies... hahaha
Kidding aside, I actually don't remember when and how it changed...  All I remember is that I did dream once to have my own condo, experience being free to do what I want in  my own private space and have a job that ables me to travel everywhere. But this didn't happen because Ive taken a different path... which is working at home. The good thing is I can still travel whenever I want, I just need to save for the expenses. 
 Moving on.... 
I am sharing to you a wonderful experience me and my friends had at Primavera Residences. It's a serviced-condo here in our city. You can either have the option to buy a unit or rent a unit if you don't plan to stay long here in Cagayan de Oro.
What I actually like about Primavera is that the facilities are great. The property is eco-friendly... Has an indoor garden, gym and swimming pool in the building. 
Me and my friends really enjoyed our weekend. Foodtrip, swimming, movie nights and girl talks... In the morning, we got the chance to do a walking exercise because there is a wide area at the back of the SM City Mall. Oh I forgot to mention this, the condo is near a mall. How good is that? Just a walking distance to shopping and grocery. 
So perfect! I can imagine, me living in this community will have a healthy lifestyle. I can have the options to have a walking exercise, use the gym or swim at the pool. 
No wonder we don't wanna go home yet after the weekend stay is over. It was such a nice place to be.
If your visiting Cagayan de Oro and looking for a place to stay, try out Primavera Residences serviced condos. For more information visit inCDO.com blog for the rates and facilities of Primavera Residences.