Justine's Take on Fashion

kids Fashion (1)
His growing up so fast...

Yesterday, I was not able to throw him a party on his birthday so to make up I brought him to SM Department for a shopping spree. I really thought his going to shop for toys but instead we go out from department store without any toys in the shopping bag but a new jacket, hat, accessory and a book. o.O

kids Fashion (2)

Jacket. He loves wearing jacket a lot and he said he could wear this jacket at school with his uniform underneath. Hmmm he already has a plan...
Hat. Because he doesnt have a hat that looks like this according to him. Funny when he wear this hat he would do some hat courtesy and slightly bow down. I really dont know where he gets this things?!

kids Fashion (3)

Wallet chain accessory. This one he saw from one of the models in the TV ad playing at the SM Men Accessories section. One of the models their sporting a street style fashion. And so he said he want that accessory. It took me awhile to figure this so we re-watched the TV ad.

kids Fashion (4)

And then he saw Xian Lim and Richard Gutierrez in a dashing formal outfit and he requested to buy a tuxedo. (Face Palm) Good thing I have persuaded him that he cannot wear it on casual so will buy it next time. wheew!

Since before he always has a say on what he wears when we go out and even on how he will wear his school uniform. He always has his own styling. And that also applies in shopping for his clothes. I don't usually shop for his clothes without bringing him because if I buy without his approval I'm pretty sure it will eat dust in his closet. He loves wearing clothes of his personal choice and/or gifts that are given to him ( my heart hurts! ouch!). However, he does take my suggestions and he understand if I explain why I don't agree on some of his choices.