Shopping for Watches

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Hey everyone! How are you doing out there? 
School year 2016 is kicking in here in the Philippines and in a few days I will be saying goodbye to late night sleeps and saying hello to early morning grind soon... 
The kiddo will be in school the whole day now. This means he will be packing his lunch and eat at school. Right now I already keep on reminding him to eat on time, finish his lunch always and not to play after eating... >.< Any moms out there who can relate?
One of the things now that I feel important is keeping track of time. Now that the kiddo is back to school I need to keep track of the time we wake up, his off to school, and the time to pick him up or he should be at home. I just realized I need to shop for watches because the one thing I own just stop ticking last month… :( 
It’s really wise to invest on watches. And I am thinking of investing on one. Hunting genuine, reliable and fashionable can be tricky especially for someone like me who always rely on online shopping. Good thing I was able to learn about Groupon Coupons which is very helpful with its wide selection of free coupons. Ahh I just love discounts! I mean who wouldn't anyway…

I am thinking of shopping for watches at World of Watches and might as well check on Puma coz I spotted a free shipping coupon and 50% off on kids gear at Groupon!

Life Lately...

Hi there! How was your summer so far?
Funny how my last post entitles "Welcome Come Back Giveaway" yet I was MIA and no blog update for the whole month of April. :/  
I know Ive made countless promises to blog regularly but here I am still missing in action. I actually want to update my blog regularly with what's the latest happening in my life but I guess they all end up, stucked in my mind. 
Anyways, here's some thoughts and latest updates in my life that I want to share to you...

I am still struggling in learning the art of saying NO.
I finally bid goodbye to that stressful job. Right now Ive got ample time seeking for a new full time job.
I find it hard connecting with people lately. I mostly prefer being alone and have peace on my own. 
I just transferred to a new house. Me and my kiddo, that is. I rented a house not far from my mom's house. And this is the reason I have limited time online. Hopefully I can blog about the house coz there's a lot of things I want to share about it. 
Cut my hair short last January.
Created a new DIY wedding invitation.
Had our Camiguin scape with cousins earlier this month.
Still trying to achieve a good flat lay photo. You can check some of my output on instagram.
Speaking of instagram, if you followed me you'll probably know I more active there.
If you haven't follow me feel free to do so... @Venussmileygal

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Welcome Back Giveaway From Firmoo Glasses!

Happy Easter Everyone! Did you enjoyed egg hunting? 
As for me I just spent it at home... Watched Dance Camp movie... It was a great movie and I really enjoyed it. I did want to change something in the ending though... I wanted it to add a Social Media battle in it. Dont worry...  You'll understand this if you'll watch the movie as well. :)

I know its been awhile since I last shared a post here in my blog. I had such a busy life offline this past weeks that my time online is limited. So finally I got settled... (I hope!) I am still trying to balance life offline, work, and blogging though so wish me luck! :)
As a little welcome back gift to everyone. I am hosting a giveaway... You probably have an idea by now on what's going to be the prize looking from the images in this post... :D Firmoo was generous enough to host a giveaway for you my readers. So I am very thankful to them. 
I have been a fan of Firmoo glasses since I first discovered it 4 years ago. Yes that long already and I am still using the glasses I received from them and they are still wearable til now. I telll yah, they are very durable and stylish!
So will not let you for long... 


Five winners will win complete pair of glasses as specified below. The prize will be offered in the form of voucher after your giveaway end.
This voucher covers the frame with 1.50 index single vision lenses. The winner need to pay the shipping depending on the country and handling fee. 


This giveaway is for new customers only. It is open to countries to which Firmoo ships. Please check to see if you are eligible here.
To join just follow the instruction in the rafflecopter below...
Here are some fashionable glasses up for grab... 

What I Wore | Rolled Sleeve Tunics, Shorts & Gladiator Sandals

Hello everyone! How was your week so far?
Today I'm sharing an outfit that I wore on a casual first-date-of-the-year of my girl friends. 
Lets start with my sandal whom I have already mention in my previous post. Expect more of me wearing this gladiator sandal in the coming outfits. I am, obviously, inlove with it! ^_^ sent me this rolled sleeve tunics I am wearing. The cloth is cotton, its soft but its very light or should I say thin. Nonetheless, its perfect for the hot weather we are having.

Style Art is a universal platform made particularly for people who are passionate about design, creativity and freedom of expression. They are the go-to place for anyone looking to create (and sell) their own unique t-shirts, tops, shoes, and accessories. And it doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner designer or a more advanced one. They welcome all creative minds!
How does Style Art work?
You create designs, upload them and then publish them to their website. At the end of each month, you earn AT LEAST 20% commission of each sale made with your unique design. It’s that simple! 

Rolled Sleeve Tunics -
Gladiator Knee Flat Sandals -

Wish Granted

Hi everyone! 
Gong xi fa cai to those who are celebrating Chinese new year!
Isn't it so exciting to receive items on your wishlist? 
If you remember last December I posted a Christmas wishlist. Who would have thought Santa been reading my post as well that some of them was granted... ^_^
And this are...
Gladiator sandals - Thanks to for a great quality shoes. It was actually delayed on the delivery but it arrived in time for the new year. Talking about perfect timing!

Floral watch - The bestie knows where to look for items I want. She took reference from my wishlist blog posts. She ordered this watch via for she cannot shop in the malls because she just gave birth to my new inaanak. 

Choker necklace - Last Christmas, the kiddo asked if we could buy a gift for me. He noticed that on our Christmas tree Ive bought and wrapped lots of gifts for everyone but no gift named for me. So he wanted me to have a gift to open as well even if I already knew what's inside.
What touches my heart the most is that, the thought that he wanted to buy me a gift, so I will have something to open for our New year gift opening tradition. He told me someday when he grow up he will surprise me with a gift. 
Forgive me for spazzing..... but my sons the sweetest ever!!
He wants to buy me a pair necklace that both of us can wear. We happily found this lock and key necklace along with this rare-to-find choker necklace at Vanity Box. 

Did you also have a granted wish on your wishlist? 
What are those items? Im excited to read them in the comments below.
Thanks for dropping by...