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Hey everyone! How are you doing out there? 
School year 2016 is kicking in here in the Philippines and in a few days I will be saying goodbye to late night sleeps and saying hello to early morning grind soon... 
The kiddo will be in school the whole day now. This means he will be packing his lunch and eat at school. Right now I already keep on reminding him to eat on time, finish his lunch always and not to play after eating... >.< Any moms out there who can relate?
One of the things now that I feel important is keeping track of time. Now that the kiddo is back to school I need to keep track of the time we wake up, his off to school, and the time to pick him up or he should be at home. I just realized I need to shop for watches because the one thing I own just stop ticking last month… :( 
It’s really wise to invest on watches. And I am thinking of investing on one. Hunting genuine, reliable and fashionable can be tricky especially for someone like me who always rely on online shopping. Good thing I was able to learn about Groupon Coupons which is very helpful with its wide selection of free coupons. Ahh I just love discounts! I mean who wouldn't anyway…

I am thinking of shopping for watches at World of Watches and might as well check on Puma coz I spotted a free shipping coupon and 50% off on kids gear at Groupon!

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  1. I can't believe the school year starts in Phillipines so soon! I mean the watches are nice, but it's such a pity to go to school all summer :(

  2. Beautiful watches Dear ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Cute watches. I really like the one with the flower in the middle.

  4. Fun watches! I only have one I wear all the time but it would be fun to switch it out.

  5. True! my sister is also cramming for her daughter's back to school moment. LOL, anyways even at work i also wanted to have watch an find i can't any watch that suits my style and budget . hehe! i might give a try to this Groupon Coupons. ^^

  6. Wow! Those watches are very colorful! I would love some of your amazing selections.

    <3 | ^_^ | | Latest: Moodboard

  7. great watches collection!!


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